Radiant Red Wing (Dropped)

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Radiant Red Wing (Scenesys ID: -1)
"If ye don't work on this ship, I'll pitch ye to the tender mercies o' the Storm Mothers!"
Full Name: Tai Lin, Radiant Red Wing
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Lunar Exalt)
Theme: (OC) Pressed Beyond the Veil-1
Function: Terror of the High Seas
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20s Actual Age: 28
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: Tall Weight: Solid
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Many pirate ships ply Nerites' waters, but few are as feared as the Terrible Omen. Crewed by the toughest mortals and captained by a woman almost legendary in her fame, ferocity, and tenacity; it's said that no ship has ever escaped from its red sails. Tai Lin is the captain of that ship, and most of the legends do her justice. Born a wharf rat in Jilin Province, she hired on with a pirate ship and eventually "inherited" that same ship via hostile takeover, leading a soundly successful mutiny on its former captain. In spite of her fearsome reputation, she's an easygoing sort, brave and proud of her accomplishments, and her fairness to her crew has earned their undying loyalty. As the Lunar Exalt, Radiant Red Wing, she is entitled to the rule of Jilin Province. She has yet to accept that rule or to claim her Solar Mate as her King, leaving her province to the mercies of a mildly corrupt Dragon-Blooded Gens. It'll get sorted out, eventually... wreaking havoc on the high seas is a lot more fun, for now.









Anima Flare
When she draws too much on her innate magic, Radiant Red Wing can reveal what she truly is to the people around her -- a champion of Luna, and one of the Twenty-Five Heavenly Monarchs. First it appears as the filled disk of the Full Moon on her forehead; using more will call up an "Anima Banner." This banner is an iconic display of her power, unique to her alone, displaying a stylized silver phoenix ablaze with moonlight. While this isn't usually a problem, it instantly identifies her as what she is, and that knowledge can sometimes attract all the wrong sorts of attention outside of Nerites.
Bring Me That Horizon
Radiant Red Wing is a free spirit. she's happiest when she's on the open ocean, guiding the Terrible Omen to new horizons... and preying on the "competition." She loathes being stuck on dry land, and will often get bored, quick to find new and interesting ways to get into trouble until she can disembark again. This is usually bad for her health. It leads to things like "picking fights with people that can rip her limb from limb."
Classy Hedonist
Prone to living the freewheeling life of a freebooter, Radiant Red Wing is the kind of person who lives to have fun. She does have some rein on her instincts, such as saving enough money to compensate for losses, or to replace her ship, if anything were to ever happen to it... but in most cases, she's going to choose "instant gratification" and not worry too much about the consequences. She won't accept just anything, though. Along with her prestige and her profitable "profession," her standards have risen high...
The Great Curse
All Celestial Exalted bear a fundamental flaw in their nature. When they act against their nature, they accumulate supernatural stress known as "Limit." As this grows more severe, it finally reaches "Limit Break," which causes the Exalt to exaggerate, twist, or otherwise pervert their nature in some form or another unique to them.
Radiant Red Wing's ruling principle is "Valour." When she achieves Limit Break, she cannot turn down a challenge or slight against her courage, whether real or imagined. She will go to insane lengths to safeguard her dignity, which can often place her in great danger. Limit Break generally lasts for a day before her Limit count is reset.
What's Mine is Mine
Radiant Red Wing is defensive of what's hers. Whether this is her crew, her ship, people she considers close to her, or the oceans that she calls her own in Nerites, she can be extremely territorial about these things. It can cause her to get overly defensive or aggressive if she thinks somebody's trying to muscle in on her proverbial "territory" or otherwise threaten it.
The Hat
Don't touch it. No, really.


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Info Files


As a Lunar Exalted, Radiant Red Wing has the ability to shapeshift into different forms. To acquire new forms, she must undertake a ritual known as the Sacred Hunt. During this ritual she will stalk, observe, hunt, and ultimately slay her target, consuming their heart's blood. She can then assume the form of any creature she has slain thus.

Valid targets of the Sacred Hunt include animals as small as mice, and creatures as large as a moose or very large draft horse.

Otherwise her ordinary guise, this is Radiant Red Wing's basic form, and one of her three true forms. (PL 33)
Every Lunar has an animal "spirit shape," which is one of the true forms they can assume; in Radiant Red Wing's case, it is her second true form. Hers is that of a phoenix, somewhere between a natural creature and a fire elemental.
While in this shape, her name does her justice. Her presence is commanding, with a wingspan comparable to a condor's, and great plumes of brilliant fiery colours. Her eyesight is keen, and her magnificent wings and tail plumes sport sheets of rolling flame with even the slightest motion. She can manipulate this in minor ways, such as making sure she doesn't do anything dumb like "torch her own ship."
Though she might look delicate, Radiant Red Wing is also a fearsome combatant in this state. In addition to the ability to fly, both her beak and talons are quite sharp, able to inflict injury by biting or slashing with her talons. (PL 32)
War Form
Some Lunars, particularly those of the Full Moon caste, choose to adopt a "war form." This large form merges their human and spirit shape. It is the third of Radiant Red Wing's true forms. In her case, she becomes a great and powerful beast, somewhere between human and phoenix, with extraordinary strength and speed to match. She can still fly on her broad wings; her talons are capable of ripping through metal, and her great beak has the potential strength to sever limbs. (PL 34)
Dock Rat
Occasionally it does well to hide in plain sight. Radiant Red Wing acquired this unfortunate scrap of fur early on in her Lunar Exalt career, the better to move around unnoticed. It's also a convenient means of escape, allowing her to run away quickly. (PL 18)
Sometimes it pays to have a less flamboyant form to fly in, and so Radiant Red Wing hunted down a seagull and consumed its heart's blood. Raucous and aggressive on shore, they're graceful at sea and a common sight to many sailors. Like the ubiquitous dock rat, seagulls are able to hide in plain sight when she wants to take a closer look at something without being noticed. (PL 19)
As a pirate, it should come as no surprise that Radiant Red Wing needed some form that would allow her to swim quickly. She's a strong swimmer as an Exalted human, but not that strong; and her phoenix form is completely incapable of it. Therefore, she has taken the form of a dolphin for those times when she needs to be fast in the water, or to go far below the surface. Also, because sonar is awesome. (PL 26)


As a pirate of no small renown, Radiant Red Wing has a number of resources available to her... and all too often, the ability to get more.

Material Wealth
Radiant Red Wing owns a staggering variety of goods from her nautical conquests. Most of her goods are for barter, trade, or sale. These things are plucked from the cargo holds of sunken merchant vessels and fellow pirate ships, used as a source of revenue. The proceeds from these ill-gotten gains can be used to maintain her crew, equipment, and ship.
  • Luxury Goods
While most of the things that are captured are sold, Radiant Red Wing does keep some of them for herself. Among these are expensive silk clothing, exotic spices, tools etched in silver, aromatic incense, and other goods that would otherwise be found only in rich households. Guests aboard her ship can always expect fine food served on the finest china and rich wine served in crystal goblets.
  • Silver
What is a pirate without their booty? Every time she manages to take down some poor, hapless ship, Radiant Red Wing seizes a cut of silver. Most of this is distributed evenly among the crew, but she saves some of it in various warehouses and port towns... for a rainy day. Or a lot of rainy days. Or maybe a monsoon season.
The Terrible Omen
One of the finest vessels to sail the Nerites' waters, the Terrible Omen is the personal ship of the feared pirate captain, Tai Lin. A refitted merchant's vessel built for speed, the Omen is meant to overtake and board enemy vessels without ever giving them the chance to broadside her with cannons. It's entirely mundane, but Radiant Red Wing lavishes the ship, making sure it's in the best possible condition. The Omen is often identified by its bright red sails.
What is a pirate without her weapons? Radiant Red Wing has several that she relies on, depending on what the situation calls for.
  • Cutlass
Crafted of fine steel and ornamented tastefully, Radiant Red Wing's preferred weapon is a stout cutlass meant for close quarters combat. Its broad blade means that she can use the flat of the sword for stinging, if non-lethal, reprimanders.
  • Whip
Used to slash at the opposition and restrain flailing limbs, the whip is a versatile weapon that Radiant Red Wing has learned to master. Useful at medium range, she is adept at making it dance like a serpent and tangle up her foes exactly how she needs them tangled. Well-made, its stout leather gleams with good maintenance. (Some of the more poetic might say it gleams with the blood of her enemies.)Dropped