Raven DeVanos

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Raven DeVanos (Scenesys ID: 41)
"Life is like sand; if you travel the right way, it flows easy, however if you travel the wrong way, you'll find nothing but frustration."
Full Name: Raven Kaede DeVanos
Gender: Female
Species: Human (SOLDIER)
Theme: (OC) Pokemon-5R
Function: Queen of Spades
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (LC)
Groups: Syndicate
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 years old Actual Age: 30 Years Old
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Joan Cusak
Height: 5'3" Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Red (Streak with white) Eye Color: Aquamarine (Blue-green glowing)
Theme Song: http://youtu.be/kM9-ijq3TI4


RAVEN DEVANOS, known as Raven for short, was born in the Pokemon Islands as a psychic Poke-empath. (Saffron, Kanto.) A Team Rocket member from age 10, she 'left' the team when everyone in it save her and a few escapees was killed. At the time she entered the Multiverse, she was working with a man named the Jack of Spades; a brief stint in the Confederacy led to the end of this team when Jack was killed. Raven spent time living with a SOLDIER in Midgar, which led to abduction by a ShinRa scientist, and being exposed to Mako, granting her the powers of a SOLDIER as well, though completely eradicating any and all psychic ability she had once had. Opening a Chocobo Ranch, and becoming a Merc, she was forced into brief retirement when rescuing Children from ShinRa lead to her near death at the hands of a Turk. She came out of retirement after an attack on her ranch, and trained with the Fremen of Arakkis while working under Duncan Idaho as a Bodyguard. Now a Mercenary on a private contract, Raven has finally (she hopes) found her place in the Multiverse.










Paranoid: Raven is a highly paranoid person; someone who's earned the right to be over many years of life spent trying to stay alive while pissing people off. This means she will not eat food that others have prepared unless someone else eats it first. It means she changes personal e-mails once a week. It means she doesn't get close to many people at all on a personal scale; something that makes her a little over-proud of the people she does get close to.

Raw Nerve: Raven is a very grumpy person. Somewhat jaded; she has become this way over as many years as it's taken to make her paranoid. She has a sharp wit, a sharper tongue, and tends to be rather terse. She is working on trying to change this, but it takes time for this to be changed. She also has a very quick, volatile temper. It has been said of Raven that she is just a little Japanese grandmother in pre-evolution form.

Scar of the World Maker: A mark laid on those who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor in A.U. 20, and greatly assisted in the completion of Session 412 of Sburb in A.U. 21. It takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark with a skaianet spirograph in its center. The tremendous act of a new universe's creation has dimmed it, and in turn dimmed the knowledge and memories of those who died in Annu. The scar, while faded, cannot be removed even with total obliteration and regeneration of the subject. It still bestows a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's campaign, but those memories are less fresh and insistent. If the Scar of the World Slayer is an open wound, the Scar of the World Maker has begun to scab over.

Doctors: Raven has an indirect fear of doctors that often leads to her refusing medical treatment, or having to be forced to accept it. It results in a lot of arguments with her between medical professionals when she finally is cornered into going to medical/hospital. She will often delay medical treatment as long as she can. Because of this, she will often go into battle injured or worse, stubbornly insisting she's fine. (OOC: If she does not receive medical treatment after a battle and enters/continues to fight (as in the Black King or Annu situations) her HP will steadily drop in increments of 10 per day until she reaches 20hp, at which point she is no longer able to enter a fight because her pokemon would ICly haul her in against her will.)

Hard Set Ways: It has been proven time and again that Raven is stubbornly set to doing things her way. She tries hard to work along with plans, but there are times when even a plan's general outline doesn't fit the way she prefers to do things, and in those times she will often go against said planned out directions, usually to her own detriment.

Nightmares: Because of past events in her life (Annu being the most prominent one) Raven has trouble with nightmares when she tries to sleep. These nightmares can be so vivid and disruptive that at times, Raven will refuse to sleep unless she can obtain some form of sleep aid. Because of lack of sleep, her abilities will falter or fail. (OOC: If she has ICly gone for 2 days or longer without sleep, Raven's PL will drop (be pulled) to lower and lower points until she has ICly gotten sleep.)


Title Date Scene Summary
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