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Razel (Scenesys ID: 6309)
Wrath is the source of all power. No one is without anger.
Full Name: Razel
Gender: Male
Species: Devil
Theme: (FC) Lamento: Beyond the Void-1
Function: Devil of Fire
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (4-Partner)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 20s Actual Age: Several millenia
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Yasumoto Hiroki
Height: 6'1" (186 cm) Weight: ~180 lbs (~81 kg)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkQ5czY1Ars -- "Kyōki no Uzu He" ("Into the Vortex of Madness")


Razel has seen much in his time, and it's all confirmed that the choice he made long ago was the right one. At the point of his death as a mortal, he was given a choice -- die and be forgotten, or give into his darkness and become a devil. He chose the latter. As a Devil of Wrath, one might expect that he is a frothing berserker, but nothing could be further from the truth. Razel is calm and cunning, very much willing to bide his time, as long as he can get what he wants. He has the time, after all; he doesn't age. He is very much not a front-line fighter -- perhaps defying type again -- preferring to fight at range, even if he has to teleport there, where his power over fire can be used to its fullest. Razel feeds on the rage of others, hence his calculating nature; he stokes a target's rage until it develops to its peak, and then coaxes the target into a contract with him... whereupon he feeds on the contractee. However he is a demon, thus demon-slaying weapons work well enough on him, wards can keep him out (or in), and MUST answer summons aimed at him. Like the other Devils of Sisa, Razel is also bound to his nature, and cannot change of his own volition. He is unable to directly lie, or break his contracts, though he may omit or obscure details, or violate the spirit of a contract to adhere to the letter. But even with this knowledge in mind, one is still advised against making deals with Devils...




Razel has a number of anger-/fire-based powers. Victims of his greater machinations tend to be marked with his sigil. *Mind Manipulation: Razel can stoke rage in a target, but only if it already exists; once "latched on" he can haunt dreams with fire, extreme anger, the color red, and/or a red serpent. Resistance - Fire: It is difficult to damage Razel with fire or heat, due to his elemental affiliation with the element. Share Power: He can invest his energy into another, gifting them with control over fire, regenerative abilities, flight, and greater physical toughness. Those he changes into demons may also share in his immortality.


Razel uses a combination of ranged fire attacks and a scimitar with a reversed curve to fight. Attack List - Ranged: Blasts, bullets, beams, walls, explosions, etc. -- if it's fire at range, Razel can accomplish it. Weapon Mastery - Reverse Scimitar: His scimitar is meant to be used held pointed downward; this is to allow it to be used equally well for stabbing or slashing.



The energy that sustains his core also gives him a number of other magical abilities. Proxies: Create a single "shadow" that can only use about half of his full power. Destruction of this shadow destroys the piece of his core required to animate it. *Remote Viewing: While able to concentrate (not during battle) Razel may look into flames and view places he has been before, or places that his minions are located in.


There are many in his world who have given themselves over to Razel. NPCs: Razel effectively controls a cult of Ribika (catpeople from his world), some of which he has changed into demons. Attack List - Melee: Most of Razel's lesser minions are feline, and so they have natural claws and fangs in addition to knives and swords. Mobility: The feline minions have the agility of a human-sized feline and are capable of parkour-like feats without much effort. Attack List - Ranged, Conveniences: Minions that Razel has changed into demons have lesser versions of his fire abilities; Razel's minions can communicate telepathically with him.


Much of Razel's resilience is due to a "core" located inside his chest. Once his energy has restored itself, he can recreate his physical body. Healing - Self: His "core" is where the bulk of his energy resides, and so long as this remains unharmed, he will recover from most injuries. Immortality: His "core" is made vulnerable by destroying his physical body; this forces his "core" to either fly or teleport to his realm until he recovers. Superhumanity: As he is a Devil, Razel possesses greater-than-human physical condition.


Razel prefers to fly and stay mobile while fighting, as he is a mostly ranged fighter. Flash Movement: Razel can teleport from place to place, either to his realm from anywhere or between places he's been before. Flight: Razel's demonic magic gives him the ability to float and hover, adding a third dimension to his manevuerability in battle. Intangibility: During teleportation, Razel is intangible. He can also move through solid surfaces such as walls.



Agelessness: Razel doesn't have a conventional physical existence; as long as he can maintain himself via consuming anger, he won't age or weaken. Conveniences: Razel is able to telepathically communicate with his minions.


BEST LAID PLANS <Trouble>: Razel tends to panic when one of his plans falls apart, and has trouble thinking on the fly. He tends to lose his precious cool (ironically) and this can lead him to hesitate at a crucial moment when decisive action is needed, make a snap judgement call when thought is required, retreat when he is perfectly capable of winning the day, or to remain at the scene of a failed plan when he has no hope of pulling out a win. Few plans survive encounter with the enemy, Particularly Elites, so this is easily exploited.

CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS <Significant>: Razel cannot break a deal, nor can he outright tell a lie. If he makes a contract, he has to abide by it; he does not have the freedom to go back on his word, as mortals with free will do. However, he IS free to adhere to the letter of the contract and not the spirit, so the contractee might not get exactly what s/he wants...

ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS <Significant>: Extreme cold (even mundane) can make it difficult for him to call his strongest fire abilities, and even weak ice or water abilities can easily spell disaster for him in a battle. Additionally, weapons and abilities that utilize positive energies seem to have an easier time damaging him, seeing how he's powered by negative energy.

SUMMONING <Minor>: When summoned by name via the proper ritual, he MUST appear before whoever summons him. This requires that the one summoning him be touched by wrath, and that the one so touched by wrath perform a ritual to summon him. The ritual need not be involved; however, he does require blood to open the path, and some attempt by the summoner to draw Razel's sigil.


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