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Razer (Scenesys ID: 692)
"I am rage! I am vengeance! I am death!"
Full Name: Razer
Gender: Male
Species: Volkragian
Theme: (FC) Green Lantern:TAS-1
Function: Red Lantern
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Young Actual Age: 19 (approximate)
Still Aging? Yes? Voice Actor: Jason Spisak
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


One of the youngest members of the Red Lantern Corps, RAZER makes up for his youth with the sheer depth of his rage. The favored son of the leader of the cult-like Red Lanterns, Atrocitus, Razer's tenacity, skill and belief in the righteousness of his master's cause has him set on a steady course towards being one of the most influential members of the Corps - given time and further indoctrination, of course. With his sharp mind, powerful personality and the honed body of a warrior all further enhanced by the power of rage, which is focused and made manifest by his power ring, Razer has the wrathful strength and vengeful focus to purge the galaxy of the hated Green Lanterns, to punish the people he thinks are the source of injustice - injustice that has wounded him personally. What Razer doesn't know, however, is that it was Atrocitus - not the Green Lanterns - who was responsible for that dark day - the grievous loss, the wound in his heart and the seething storm of rage and self-hatred that has hounded his steps ever since.










RAGE-FUELED - Razer is fueled by rage. In the final assessment, the powers of his ring work not only from the internal power of a stored charge but also in response to Razer's own anger. It is something of a feedback loop and disrupting either part of it - extinguishing the power from the ring, or nullifying Razer's fiery emotional state - would weaken his powers, if not nullify them completely.

RED ENERGY - The red energy of a Red Lantern is weak to blue energy - the energy of hope - which could weaken Razer's powers at a critical moment. It is possible that other significant sources of hope and other assorted positive energies throughout the Multiverse could also put Razer at a disadvantage. Even with significant power behind him, feelings of hope and powerful sources of blue energy can prevent his ring from working at all.

RING OF POWER - Razer's powers depend upon his Red Lantern ring. If it is removed from his finger - which isn't particularly difficult - then he would immediately lose his powers and collapse into unconsciousness for a time. Without his ring, or with his ring inoperative, Razer is little threat (PL 20).

SELF-HATRED - Razer might be powered by his rage, however, that rage is also directed inwards, at himself. Razer is keenly aware of what he has become and has a death wish because of it, seemingly fine with going out in a blaze of glory if it means hurting people who he thinks deserve it. It might be a source of power for the young man, however, it is a significant double-edged sword, pushing Razer into inadvisable situations and running the risk of eventually destroying him utterly.

PESSIMIST - At the end of the day, Razer has difficulty seeing the brighter side of things and is prone to bouts of pessimism. This can make him somewhat difficult to get along with as he inflicts casual barbs, sarcasm and backhanded compliments to people when he thinks he can get away with it. And, ultimately, this aspect of his personality only intensifies his existing personality flaws further.


Title Date Scene Summary
Declaration of War August 26th, 2015 The Black Blade Syndicate engages open warfare against the Cyberia Police. Whose side are you on?
TARGET: Retrieving Resources August 20th, 2015 The Red Lanterns need resources for their crusade - Razer is sent to retrieve some.
Target: Of Ice and Fire August 1st, 2015 Razer, alongside Ferham, launches an attack on the Caverns of Prophecy - and gets a vision of his future in the process.
Radio mission: Zigursky Break-out! July 8th, 2015 Heroes and villains work at cross-purposes when it comes to the prison for super villains located in Brickstown!
Razer Strikes! April 25th, 2015 Razer tracks down rumors of Green Lanterns, only to be intercepted by some Union Elites...
The First Strike February 6th, 2015 Razer, with Confederate allies, goes after a pair of Green Lanterns. The Union sends their own Elites to assist the defenders of justice!


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