Regrets? (Starless Night)

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Regrets? (Starless Night)
Date of Cutscene: 17 August 2013
Location: The Citadel
Synopsis: Starless Night reflects on the superfaction she just joined.
Cast of Characters: Starless Night
Tinyplot: None

Alone in her room, one of the newest recruits to the CAF sits at her desk, writing out in a flowing, elegant script several characters a second. It appears to be nonsense, but that's just the cipher at work. Not that it's a cipher the Confederacy couldn't break in short order, but the hand writing it does so out of habit.

'My new position looks to be quite the handful, at least to start. I had expected a more professional attitude, but it would appear that the position was open for a reason. My new allies may have the fearsome reputation of powerful beings that are able to conquer vast swaths of worlds at once, but they have the minds of children. I shall begin work on treating them like children then.'

'Step one: teach them not to shove anything they lay hands on into their mouths.'