Reinhardt Wilhelm

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Reinhardt Wilhelm (Scenesys ID: 1010)
Justice will be done!
Full Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Overwatch-1
Function: Aging Rocket Knight
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (None)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Sixties Actual Age: Sixty-one
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Darin De Paul
Height: 7'1" (Out of armor.) Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Blue
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A modern knight in shining armor, Reinhardt Wilhelm's massive size hides the heart of a hero too stubborn to throw in the towel. He's a veteran of the first Omnic Crisis, and also known as one of the most hardcore members of the organization Overwatch, even one of its own strongest critics due to his staunch moral code. After the organization collapsed, Reinhardt refused to retire from service, wandering the land and righting wrongs using his rocket powered Crusader battle suit and a massive hammer to fell wrongdoers across the land. With his compatriot Brigitte, Reinhardt is an aging knight errant, his weapons and body weathered by age, but refusing to give so they may see just one more battle. While his will is as sharp as ever, Reinhardt's body has seen its share of injuries, his back especially has a habit of acting up when in the thick of battle as stress builds on it. While his aims are noble, he is also technically a vigilante in the eye of his world's laws, leading him to live a very mobile lifestyle on the roads in hope of not being caught.










Old Age: Reinhardt might not let you think it, but it's clear looking at him his best years are well behind him. While he is still a force to be reckoned with, the punishment he and his armor have endured over the years have begun to catch up to him. Stubbornly, he refuses to hang up the hammer, and soldiers on with the bare minimum of treatment to keep himself fighting hale and healthy. Reinhardt's aged spine has also shown its share of problems, which can slow him down at the worst of times.

Code of Ethics: Reinhardt's code of honor is extremely strict, even to at his own expense. He is extremely dedicated to helping those in need, regardless of who, where, and when. He is quick to often point out any wrongdoing or signs of corruption wherever he lies, and chafes at more morally flexible sorts. He also does not hesitate to declare himself even at the cost of compromising the element of surprise.

Large Target: Reinhardt is huge, simply put. Even outside of his armor he is a mountain of a man, standing well over seven feet tall in height. His considerable height and bulk make him an easy man to spot in battle, and is hardly subtle at all either, making the stealthy approach impossible for him. Outside of his armor, most things designed ordinary people (doors, chairs, elevators, etc.) become more than a bit difficult for him to use. Combined with his armor, Reinhardt easily weights half a ton or possibly more.

Fugitive: In acting as a vigilante, Reinhardt is technically in overt violation of the Petras act on his home world. He doesn't care, but it does make travel across the globe and to other worlds a mite bit difficult to resolve due to extradition matters and political headaches his presence may cause. On top of all the broken bones and property damage he may leave in his wake.


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