Resident Evil-1

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In the post-modern world, a super corporation called Umbrella is leading the way in developing the latest and greatest medical and scientific breakthroughs the world has ever seen. Working together with your local government officials and police force, Umbrella is helping to make the world a safer place. Umbrella truly represents a better future for mankind.

Not exactly...

Behind the scenes Umbrella is developing more than pharmaceuticals. They are developing the world's greatest bio-weaponry. Instead of creating better defenses for the world, they are creating super-enhanced soldiers for whatever country happens to be the highest bidder. All is going according to plan...that is until a slight accident occurred in the outskirts of Raccoon City. Raccoon City was a very large, prosperous town, much like New York.

This was before the viral outbreak...

Soon the virus spread like wildfire throughout the city. Once infected, a victim had little hope for survival, and would soon aid in spreading the disease to others. The government decided to quarantine and contain the virus in the only way possible: they blockaded the entire city off; shooting anything that came out, and then destroyed the city with a thermo-nuclear device. Raccoon city was now nothing but a smoldering crater in the ground. Out of millions, only a few dozen people survived.

According to official news reports, though, there was no virus, and no nuke. Raccoon City disappeared off of the face of the earth because of a meltdown of the local power plant. Rumors started to spread, though, and Umbrella's stock prices started to plummet. The once great mega corporation crashed to the ground. Umbrella still existed though, just in another form. Without leadership the company dissolved into small, privately owned pharmaceutical companies.

Recently, however, a new individual has taken power within the corporation, and is working tirelessly to restructure it and revive the dead company. Now with a new Umbrella constantly growing in strength back to its original international corporation status, it is only a matter of time before more "accidents" start to happen. This time, it could happen anywhere...