Resilience (1 of 2 Rhapsody)

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Resilience (1 of 2 Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 12 October 2016
Location: Dun Realtai / Ravnica
Synopsis: A decision is made.
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: 34 - Moeru

( )

After the journey down to the House in the Dark, a single mind reeled from a fact that now appeared to be absolute. The body surrounding this mind would set its armor down within the hovel that 'Skara Sparkblade' owned, and as it had two times before, would be wisked away to the castle of Dun Realtai. Safely away from prying eyes and ears, Rhapsody would once again find herself in the dark in so many more senses of the word than the obvious.

Crying out. Now you can't escape you are buried in doubt And it pulls you down Now you're in too deep you may never get out Such an awful place

The portal to the shrine, the spikes, the sheer amount of information recovered from day one until now left no doubt of anything. Every single piece of evidence pointed to a single conclusion that no court she knew of would deny. The one that the Izzet hunted, the Magic-Eaters hunted, and that her allies hunted, killed Kaeruhime, attempted to sieze the Izzet League, and was now a fugitive to everyone that knew about the events.

Tear it down It's almost too late is the end coming now As you scream out loud You sever the peace til your truth has been found

For a moment, the dragon almost went on a similar rampage to the one back in Nivix, but something occured to her then that changed everything. Would Niv-Mizzet give up on Yunomi? Would he turn away from her? Would he be proud of Rhapsody if she turned on Yunomi? The answer was obvious to her. Of course he wouldn't. Evidence be damned, she would -never- do it either.

Is there nothing left to follow? Is there nothing left to steal? Crying out for something more than I've been shown Knowing none of this is real

Betrayal did not need to be a two way street. Not when it was someone you had known your entire life. Someone you felt you know so well that it was basically -impossible- for such an action, such as becoming a traitor, could be possible without some kind of reasoning to it. Such friendship cannot die so easily, such feelings cannot die so easily. Such love would never die so easily.

Don't close your eyes Something beautiful is still alive Don't close your eyes Never turn away and let it die