Restoration (Kotone Yamakawa)

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Restoration (Kotone Yamakawa)
Date of Cutscene: 04 February 2018
Location: Kotones Office in her home town.
Synopsis: After the events of the Bastions Restoration function, Kotone returns to her home world to rest and think about the events.
Thanks to: The Kid
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa

BGM - Bastion Soundtrack - Setting Sail, Coming Home

We are the people we have met, the books we have read and the visual media we have consumed on top of all over our experiences. You are the your memories or so Kotone thought. Kid and Zulf had given that up. She sat in her personal office not on her ship for once she'd left Slipbolt in charge of the vessel. She was in the small garage she operated, well her Father mostly ran it now with the multiverse still it was good to be home for a bit.

The winter rains came and she could hear them coming down outside and she looked at a bottle on her desk, it had been a present from The Kid over the Holidays. It meant more than he might realize, it was a thing she no longer needed as she was but it was a tie to her past to her humanity. 
The trust the Kid had in her and everyone had humbled her so much, and when the choice was made to restore and reset his home world. No Zulf's courage as well he stayed along for it too. She poured a drink into the glass and looked at it for a moment. Zia had endured it and shown a lot of courage in her own path. She sipped at it and it was mighty fine too. The glass is soon set back down as the rains came thundering down, she looked out the window and then to a picture on her desk a image display of a shot taken during one of her visits to the Bastion. 
"Your invention worked Rusk, you all gave your world a second chance didn't we?" 
She took another sip before setting the glass down. The world had a second chance they had to make use of this chance. They would have to take it. She finished her drink then closed the bottle. She would not have any more till she could share a drink from it with Kid, Rucks Zulf and Zia together. Their bonds of friendship had to be strong enough to get through this. Even if they were forgotten they could be friends again she had faith in them. She put bottle away to save it for that day hopefully in the future.