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Robert Speedwagon (Scenesys ID: 1141)
"Right about now, you're probably wondering who I am. Allow me to elucidate ya! I'm the interfering Robert E. O. Speedwagon!"
Full Name: Robert Edward Orville Speedwagon
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-2
Function: British Oddjob
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (4-Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 20s Actual Age: 25
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: JP: Yōji Ueda, EN: Keith Silverstein
Height: 6' (182 cm) Weight: 196 lbs (89 kg)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: - Robert E.O. Speedwagon's Theme, "Eyes of Heaven"


Robert Edward Orville Speedwagon grew up poor on the infamous "Ogre Street" in the London of his world, despising the entitled attitudes and cowardly nature he had glimpsed of the rich, pampered, upper class people around him. Meeting Jonathan Joestar changed this though; he allied himself with Jonathan, pledging to assist him as much as he could. While it's true Robert Speedwagon is basically a thug, he is not without honor. His righteous nature is one of his most defining characteristics, the one that has allowed the forging of the stronger-than-steel friendship between himself and Jonathan Joestar. Speedwagon lacks the ability to master Hamon, but that's not to say he's completely useless. His time in the bad parts of London has given him the ability to detect most people's true natures, he claims by smell. He's also strong enough to easily wield a sledgehammer in combat one-handed, and precise enough to flick his chosen weapon -- a bowler hat with blades hidden in its brim -- at enemies for devastating injuries with a mere toss of his head. However, his hotblooded nature means he wears his heart on his sleeve. Partially due to this and partially due to his perception that he is "useless" amongst people with more direct means to attack supernatural problems, he is prone to bite off more than he can chew. But through thick or thin, "The Interfering Speedwagon" remains unfailingly loyal to those he calls his friends.



Smell of Evil <Consent>: Speedwagon's long time in the bad parts of London has given him a fairly good sense of how to read people. He can see through faked emotions, even those of practiced actors and deceivers, with skill. He claims he can "smell evil", though it's anyone's guess if he's being literal or not. He is generall able to tell the sort of unpleasantness he's dealing with as well on a basic level too -- greedy, murderous, shady, or most other shades of "unpleasant individual". He's only really been exposed to humans, though, so non-human denizens of the Multiverse -- or even humans that aren't from his world -- have a chance to sneak something past even this highly-refined sense.

Saw-Hat: A bowler with a number of overlapping blades hidden in its brim. When spun at high speeds, this can simulate the damage a buzzsaw can cause to flesh. It can be thrown with precision to cause damage or deflect projectiles at range, or used in close range to slice at an opponent. And when it's not being used as a weapon, it looks really snazzy; he has a number of disposable brims that can cover the blades and hide them. However, the brim only hides the blades from cursory visual glances, and the blades are only made of normal steel.


Tattoo and Kempo: Two of Speedwagon's most loyal thugs from Ogre Street. Tattoo (PL 25) is a quick knife fighter with a penchant for maiming his opponents and no remorse for doing so. Kempo (also PL 25) is notably Asian and is, as his name suggests, a Kempo master. They are unfailingly loyal to Speedwagon and won't hesitate to protect him or anyone he deems an ally. Both are close-range fighters. Speedwagon's ability to coordinate with both of them -- and to wrangle them both -- is the greatest advantage, though.

Precision: There's really nothing special about his hat aside from the blades in the brim. His ability to throw it so precisely is due to his own incredible manual dexterity. He is aware exactly of the strength in his hands and fingers. And he knows exactly how much force to use to accomplish a task so long as he knows the relative strength of the thing he's trying to hit, and can tell by sound whether a thrown weapon has merely nicked a target, if it has penetrated to the bone, or anything in between.

Dirty Fighting: Speedwagon's had to learn how to defend himself growing up, and has become good enough at it to more than hold his own amongst even several normal humans. His style is a very quick, brutal attempt to disable and end the fight as fast as possible. Eye pokes, ear claps, kicks in the groin -- there is no "bro code" if Speedwagon's actually trying to hurt you.


Physical Training: Due to his long time training and his constant fights, Speedwagon is in incredible condition for a human being. Attacks that have enough force to dismember humans merely break bones against him, he can easily wield weapons as heavy as a sledgehammer one-handed, his running speed is close to human maximum, and he can keep up that speed for several minutes at a time.

Tinkering: He's not just dumb muscle, either. He was too poor to have something like bladed hat made for him by a master; Speedwagon made that bladed hat himself out of broken knives discarded from the many street fights that happen along Ogre Street. He's able to take discarded hand weapons and repurpose them into something new. His skill is limited to small blades such as daggers and knives, however.

Skullduggery: Speedwagon's life on Ogre Street taught him all manner of unsavory things. If it involves stealing something or results in causing personal injury to someone, Speedwagon probably knows the ins and outs of it. He generally knows how shady folk who employ methods such as these operate... mainly because he tends to employ these methods himself.

Courage: It's not that he's never afraid. Speedwagon is afraid A LOT, particularly when supernatural horrors are concerned. But he has the strength to resist the urge to run away, and the ability to remain lucid enough to think through frights that would send lesser men running away with wet trousers, screaming in terror.


I Might Just Get In the Way <Trouble>: Speedwagon's strong desire to assist people in need can sometimes lead him to getting in over his head, whether it's charging into a horde of zombies with only his bladed hat and a sledgehammer, challenging an enemy that he knows is of greater strength than he is, trying to break through a barrier he has no way of getting past, or any other such foolish maneuver. This is a good way to draw unwanted attention to a group he's in, if he does something boneheaded in an attempt to "help". Not to mention any well-laid plan is going to be right good and buggered if he just charges in.

Let Me Elucidate Ya! <Trouble>: Speedwagon is a loud, hotblooded, bombastic fellow, and this tends to draw attention to himself and his allies, even when it's not advantageous to do so -- when trying to sneak into an enemy compound, hide from pursuers, follow someone silently, or the like. He also tends to overexplain things. A LOT. This may be a side effect from having to break things down for a bunch of dumb thugs on Ogre Street, but it can be annoying when not needed, and can come off as him being condescending to his allies. Not everything needs a ten-minute explanation. Particularly not when time is short. And sometimes blurting out plans tends to screw things up for his allies, if the enemy hears his assessment of a situation before the ally has Done The Thing and has time to react!

I'm the Interfering Speedwagon! <Significant>: It's in Speedwagon's nature to meddle in things, particularly things that deal with the supernatural. A combination of being intensely curious and really wanting to help people leads him to stick his nose into places it really doesn't belong, and he can really get in over his head if he's not careful. Which he usually isn't.

I Want His Guts For Garters! <Significant>: Having grown up on the streets, Speedwagon is kind of a violent fellow. He's always going to take the shortest route from Point A to Point B, no matter who he has to go through. He's slow to trust people he doesn't know, even slower forgive when slighted, and generally expresses his displeasure with a person physically -- a fist in the face, a bladed hat to the extremities, a kick in the goolies, or other such unfair tactics. Under most circumstances, this is his go-to solution for things that frighten or upset him, to attack them.

This Is Lunacy! <Minor>: Robert Speedwagon is from the Victorian era of an Earth-like world. A lot of aspects from the Multiverse at large are liable to confuse him -- the higher technology in some worlds, the more liberal values and dress codes (particularly for women), greater scientific and medicinal knowledge, and the like. Given his poorer background, he's not going to adapt as well as a more educated person from his world, who would know more about how the world works.


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