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This news file is a compilation of rulings about roleplay and plots on the MUSH.


Long Memory

Our "Long Memory" Policy pertains to the retaining of in character information. We don't want characters having their every defeat remembered forever, or even previous characters that bear their name. We don't want popular properties that have debuted several times to simply be "solved" by any character old enough to remember the last time they were around. Accordingly, characters don't have an infinite expanding knowledge dossier on every theme they've been to or heard about, and physical things they have gained from themelists that are no longer played expire.

All of the sunset periods defined below are subject to the urgency of new players of previously played themes, but offer a general idea of how long we think it's acceptable to remember things about themes and characters that are no longer on the MUSH. Anything beyond the scope of the time periods specified here should be presumed forgotten or replaced as a default.

Subject Category Sunset Period Notes
Advantages from a dropped themelist. 1 month - 1 year. If replaced, sunset period decreases.
Knowledge of a dropped themelist. 1-3 years If replaced by a new themelist, sunset period decreases or disappears.
Power Copy from a dropped themelist. Immediate Copied powers (from characters and themes that no longer exist) immediately expire.
Knowledge of Aged Events from still-present themes and characters 5 years This is a "soft" sunset, a threshold beyond which these things should only be gently referenced UNLESS a current plot is returning to those events in some way.

FacHead Permission

FacHead permission is required for factional betrayal/defection, and long-term infiltration.


Plots are often referred to by the term "TP", which is shorthand for "TinyPlot", a term generated from an early MUSH codebase's name of TinyMUSH. A TP is pretty much just local cultural jargon for what you'd expect: A story, run by players.

Here at MCM, we think plot applications are horrible, time-wasting bottlenecks. So we require them as little as possible. Which is to say, pretty much only when you want to do a plot so enormously momentous that the entire Multiverse has to take notice-- a Global TP.

Plots may not require players to surrender their character's applied-for advantages or combat attributes as a condition of entry.

Seek Staff permission and advice for plots that:

  • Involve visible long-term capture or mind control / temporary defection of a Player Character.
  • Involve violation of core policy, especially scale and interaction policy.