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Rosamarie Alba (Scenesys ID: 438)
Is it cowardice then, to strike from stealth and run? To attack an enemy many times your size, many times your strength? To go out alone, knowing you're outgunned and outnumbered, that your enemies are faster and tougher than you? To wait for a chance to strike, knowing that if you miss you'll be hunted down and killed? If so, then go ahead and call me a coward.
Full Name: Rosamarie Alba
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Fleet Maiden-1R
Function: One-woman Wolfpack
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'5 Weight:
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Rosamarie Alba is a quiet girl, one who always let actions speak louder than words. Not antisocial, but comfortable within herself and without demanding attention from others. A girl with what was, at one time, an undiscovered aptitude for magic that tended to make 'normal' people uneasy. When the Elvari attacked her world, Rosamarie vowed she would one day become a soldier and defend her world from the alien invaders, despite the horrific death count among the world's militaries. It wasn't a question of glory, it was a matter for survival. This vow along with her blood, her powers, her personality, called to the ghost of the Albacore, a WWII submarine who also fought despite long odds to protect her people. The warship's ghost awakened the magic within Rosamarie, turning her into a Fleet Maiden. Still a little too young to serve in a normal military, the girl nonetheless is part of the front line against the invaders. Her magic is able to harm the invaders, making one lone girl the equivalent of an entire conventional battlegroup.









  • LEVIATHAN MODE: Leviathan Mode can only be engaged in the presence of four other major sources of magic (which may be other Fleet Maidens, mages, wizards, or powerful artifacts). It also comes with a significant drain in Alba's personal energy, which will need to be replenished before she can Deploy again (Up to a week out of commission if Leviathan Mode is used). As such this mode can't be used lightly. Alba can also only enter Leviathan Mode in a body of water large enough and deep enough to support the full-sized submarine form.
  • SUBMERGED: While phasing out of reality, whether at Periscope Depth or while Silent Running, Rosamarie's speed is reduced to maximum 1/3 normal. This doesn't affect her defense or attack (which are more magic than speed), but it does affect her ability to keep up with allies or to move to a new position. Note that Rosamarie can't abuse armor shifts to both keep her speed (running on the surface) and her defense (running submerged) in the same round.
  • SURFACE RUNNING: When not phased out of reality, Rosamarie is fully exposed and loses most of her standard defense. This can happen if she's attacked while not Deployed, or it can happen if she has to emergency surface - see below.
  • CAN'T HANDLE PRESSURE: If Alba takes significant damage from explosions while submerged, the resulting pressure will wreck her ability to stay submerged, and she'll come to the 'surface', losing all stealth and most of her defense. When the ghost of the Albacore is sufficiently distressed by crippling explosive damage, it panics. Rosamarie will further lose the ability to submerge until the damage is somewhat repaired and the ghost appeased, either by passage of sufficient time to allow self-healing or by magical means.
  • FRIENDLY FIRE AIN'T: The Albacore was twice fired upon by friendly aircraft misidentifying her as a hostile target, once resulting in serious damage. As a result Alba is sensitive to the ghost's fear of AOE attacks, or of Silent Running while her allies are unaware of her exact position and might accidentally fire on her. She also tends to lose it if she suffers friendly fire. This is mostly a problem only when Deployed, but Rosamarie's also a little touchy when it comes to friends inflicting accidental damage even if it's minor.
  • LIMITED MILITARY TRAINING: Like most Fleet Maidens, Alba's too young to have trained as a soldier. Many professional soldiers of her world resent the privilege and the power the Fleet Maidens possess. While some approve of Rosamarie's willing attitude, others tend to see her as merely 'playing' at being a soldier, tending to look for faults they'd overlook in their peers.
  • QUIET: Rosamarie has never been outspoken. Quiet excellence is far more important than loud bragging. Unfortunately Rosamarie tends to suffer from taking this too far. It's not exactly shyness, though that may outwardly seem to be one of her problems. In truth however she's just comfortable being herself, and avoids the spotlight as a matter of taste.
  • PICKY EATER: The spirit of the Albacore has attitudes towards certain foods that have begun to bleed into Rosamarie's tastes. Submarines don't waste much space or power on refrigeration, so perishable foods are distasteful. Alba indulges this attitude if only to keep the ghost happy. She also has greatly increased food requirements after deployment, since magical reserves are most easily replenished through food intake.
  • ALBACORE: When Rosa enters battle, the spirit of Albacore partly takes control. This makes Rosamarie colder, more violent and aggressive, distant even to her friends, and rather less human overall. It's hard, but not impossible, for her to remember her own desires and goals while in a battle.


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