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In a version of Earth different from our own, set in the Renaissance, some rare humans are born with the gift of magic, and are called Magi. A thousand years ago, humans persecuted Magi. The Holy Empire and its sister-branch the Orthodox Church attempted to eradicate the population of Magi, until a powerful Magi known as Rosenkreuz stood up to them and died for the Magi's right to live. Peace would last until but a few years ago.

The Holy Empire and the Orthodox Church, cracking under the stress and manipulation of a little girl, Iris Sepperin, wielding the reincarnated power of Rosenkreuz, declared war on the Magi once again. Thanks to the Union's help at the time, Iris Sepperin was defeated, and Spiritia Rosenburg, the reincarnated will of Rosenkreuz, attempted to mend the space between humans and Magi once more.

In a desperate move, the Union and Confederacy acted on knowledge from the future brought by a future Spiritia, and assassinated the archbiship of the Church, a corrupt man hungry for war.

But time strains all things, and it would not be that easy to fix the world. Iris Sepperin would not stay quiet, and even if she did nothing, her existence was enough of a threat to keep the Empire and the Church well beyond agitated, especially with a dead archbishop in their lap. Now, the world is fully at war; Magi hide their abilities or live isolated from the rest of the world, fearing the Schwarzkreuz, a group of powerful Magi who hunt other Magi in the name of the Church. Spiritia Rosenburg and her friends continue trying to restore the world to its peaceful state, while Iris Sepperin waits for the right time to strike again, watching the chaos from her Golden Castle with her family.

This themelist is set in the time period shortly before Rosenkreuzstilette: Freudenstachel (the second game), with a fair amount of changes and additional characters.





The Holy Empire

The Holy Empire is both the location where all the action happens, having Unified in the Multiverse's Great Mountains as a stand-alone (but very large) kingdom, and the primary faction and face of the theme. The Holy Empire is a great civilization that utilizes mild magitech for its daily life but is otherwise based on Renaissance-era architecture and life. No one has seen the Emperor in a long time-- unbeknownst to the people, there is no Emperor at the moment, though quite a few people struggling for control and the throne.

The Orthodox Church

The Church holds the power within the Holy Empire, in the the absence of an Emperor. They pull the strings, and they are the ones orchestrating the war against Magi. Though the Church used to be where Magi were allowed to live and train, it is now their greatest enemy. The Church preaches a religion not too different from Catholic and Christian values, having similar symbolism overall (namely the cross).


An unknown group of Magi who act as the Church's inquisition, even with the war against Magi being a thing. Likely some of the only Magi still remotely loyal to the Empire.


The Rosenkreuzstilette, i.e. the Blades of the Rose Cross, used to be the official Magi division of the Empire and the Church. Originally founded by Rosenkreuz himself, he was succeeded by his powerful lineage of Magi up until Graf Michael Sepperin was falsely framed by his daughter, Iris Sepperin, and took up arms against the Empire. Though he was defeated by the Union and their allies, the damage caused was too great, and eventually the Empire declared war on all Magi as it had before. The RKS are now one of two rebel factions attempting to end the war by cutting off the Empire's head.


These extremist Magi, unlike the RKS, do not value the lives of civilians or citizens of the Empire. Content with chaos and anarchy, they use the war as an excuse to lash out against the Empire much more violently than is necessary. They are generally in agreement with Iris Sepperin's methods and the belief that the powers Magi wield entitle them to rule the world.

The Sepperins

Iris Sepperin, the reincarnated power of Rosenkreuz, has no use for non-Magi. Power-hungry, devious and without remorse, the young teenager seeks only to conquer the Holy Empire and its surrounding lands to usher forward a golden age-- one where she is at the top, humans are enslaved or dead, and Magi rule through might. Her troops are typically magitech soldiers and constructs, but she has been known to build artificial Magi, such as Krezentia, Null and Aurel. She is also able to build "Dolls", replicas of powerful Magi (such as the RKS) which, while they can't quite match the originals, are more than enough to pose a threat.

Major Characters (FCs)


RKS001, Spiritia Rosenburg
  • PL: 34->35
  • Spiritia Rosenburg is the reincarnated will/soul of Rosenkreuz, wielding the ability to copy the powers of defeated opponents. She cares for all people and would never abandon her friends, but above all she believes in the greater good. When Iris turned the world upside down and framed Michael Sepperin, ultimately leading to the war against Magi, she was the one who tried getting to the bottom of the story and stopping him (and then Iris) before things could go too far. She became the leader of the RKS afterwards.
RKS002, Freudia Neuwahl
  • PL: 33-34
  • The former commander of the Rosenkreuzstilette before Spiritia was promoted to commander. Of all its members below Spiritia herself, Freudia (often called Freui for short) is regarded as the strongest amongst them. She is a girl whose icy cold (but not necessarily unfriendly) personality befits her affinity for ice. Freudia Neuwahl's Magi ability allows her to summon ice in a variety of forms.
RKS003, Zorne Sepperin
  • PL: 33
  • The adoptive daughter of Michael Sepperin (Iris' father), who saved her life after a horrible accident destroyed her left arm. Iris designed a new left arm for her. Her explosive, gutsy, hot-blooded personality goes well with her Magi ability: to summon explosives and flames. She also has significant physical strength and mild martial arts.
RKS004, Trauare Wrede
  • PL: 32
  • Trauare is an extremely competitive Magi whose ability is to control water. She wields a spear in battle as well and possesses the ability to fly even out of water. Unlike others in the RKS, she lacks a dramatic and profound backstory, being in it solely for the competitive thrills. Though very flirty, rumors abound her and Zorne are an item.
RKS005, Luste Teuber
  • PL: 32
  • An extremely chaotic and energetic Magi whose ability allows her to control the wind itself, as well as fly. Playful beyond believe, she idolizes heroes and likes to pretend she's a great hero of justice, going as far as wearing costumes of famous heroes when doing so. She has difficulty discerning reality from games, often forgetting actions have consequences.
RKS006, Grolla Seyfarth
  • PL: 33-34
  • Grolla is a powerful swordswoman from a cursed lineage, wielding a demonic blade that becomes sharper and deadlier the more injured its wielder is. Her Magi ability is unclear, but it allows her to perform wild sword techniques using magic and energy. Quiet and dutiful, Grolla only speaks when she has something useful to contribute or ask, and could be considered one of the more serious RKS members.
RKS007, Sichte Meister
  • PL: 33
  • Grolla's best friend and third in command of the RKS, Sichte can divine the future and control time. A vulgar tomboy, she is extremely outspoken, but it's not hard to tell underneath that that she cares for her friends. In battle, she also wields throwing knives and can fire sharp gemstones out of her hands.
RKS008, Liebea Palasch
  • PL: 31
  • A shy and gentle girl, Liebea is insecure and detests violence. Her Magi ability is to manipulate the weather (sometimes involuntarily, like when emotionally distressed), and she especially excels at producing extremely violent winds and rain.
RKS009, Schwer Muta Cassarola Merkle
  • PL: 30
  • Schwer is also timid, distrusting people most of the time. Not very outspoken, she makes up for it by being a bit of a prodigy at building things, especially traps and tricks. Her Magi ability allows her to create metallic maces and shields that orbit people like defending barriers, though they can also be launched. The squid on her head is called Zeppy, and it can spit ink.
RKS013, Dolis Warmind
  • PL: 32
  • Dolis is a very recent addition to the RKS roster. She is an agile, ninja-like girl, heading the Special Ops division. She's optimistic, intelligent and competent, but naive in regards to the way the world works. Her Magi ability lets her create vortexes of wind and control thrown weapons, like her massive boomerang, but also grants her superspeed and the ability to fly.

Major Characters (OCs)


RKS010, RKS011 and RKS012 do not have canon identities and would be ideal slots to slap OCs into. No OCs currently exist for the RKS.