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This theme starts in the year 2047 and, as mankind has reached the natural ceiling of human progress, a new law in the universe has been discovered.

By surpassing human limitations, a phenomenon known as the Sacrifice is realized as an innate knowledge of all mankind: Power comes with cost. And the deeper one pursues a power beyond the human baseline, the more they must sacrifice. Those with the most power are those who have also sacrificed the most. Those who are unwilling to sacrifice something find their attempts to ascend fail.

On the back of this discovery, the world changed. Society was swiftly divided and those that surpassed humanity became known as Sacrificers. Medical companies made millions selling people on enhancements up to the very cusp of Sacrifice, and the public loved the idea, with enhancements becoming a normal part of the human experience.

Society has rebuilt itself around Sacrificers and Normals attempting to coexist peacefully, though it is shaky at best as the knowledge of the sacrifice is less than a half-decade old. And while co-existing, Sacrificers are beginning to build their own cultural identities and discover they will never truly be normal again.

While the technological level of the theme is at a steady 'semi-futuristic' baseline, the Sacrifice is beginning to bring a resurgence of 'The Old Ways', with one or two people beginning to discover that magic is once again slowly awakening in the world, but at the same cost as technology. Magic and Technology, old and new, both make a Sacrificer.

As humanity looks to the future, it is unsure where humankind will expand to next, and society is at an uncertain point in its existence.