Samurai Warriors 4-1

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In the late 16th century, the chaos which had engulfed Japan for so long appeared to be nearing its end. The Fool of Owari, Nobunaga Oda, has shocked the land by rising up from his pitiable beginnings to emerge as the dominant power. His forces stand upon the very brink of unifying the country beneath his mail-shod boot, with many considering his rise to shogun as being a mere formality. The Warring States period is drawing to an imminent conclusion and the promise of long-desired peace.

Yet the chaos was not quieted easily and the brutal, merciless methods required to tame such a fell beast are not so easily forgotten. Even as the Demon King stands poised to claim his complete and utter victory, discontent stirs within the shadows and conspiracies are whispered in the halls of retainers. Loyalty is a cheap currency when ambition burns within the hearts of powerful men and the fragile dream of peace is balanced precariously upon the continued existence of the most hated and feared man in Japan.