Sanya Litvyak (Dropped)

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Sanya Litvyak (Scenesys ID: 147)
"People sometimes mistake me for a ghost... During the day, they can't tell if I'm really there or not."
Full Name: Alexsandra Vladimirovna Litvyak
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Strike Witches-1
Function: Night Witch
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: Mobile Section Six
Other Information
Physical Age: 15 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Kadowaki Mai
Height: 152cm Weight: 42kg
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: Twinkle Star Dark Eyes Sanya no Uta


A quiet and unassuming witch from the Orussian Empire separated from her family by the Neuroi invasion. Alexandra Vladimirovna Litvyak (who prefers the nickname Sanya) has been adopted into the 501st Joint Fighter Wing known more commonly as the Strike Witches. Sanya dislikes sunlight and has difficulty associating with new people, though keeps her few friends very close to her heart. A natural night owl, her magical ability to sense things that the eyes cannot see has placed Sanya in the unique position as main night patroller, earning her the title of Night Witch. When flying, she seems unfocused, though due to her Dipole magic is aware of everything around her at all times. As the owner of a Storage Device, Sanya combines her magical ability with artillary spells, specializing in wide area suppression and support.










Nocturnal - Sanya dislikes bright lights, and tends to be up all night. Therefore, she usually sleeps all day long. While sunglasses help with her aversion to light, she has problems with fatigue if called into action during daylight hours. It also makes it more difficult for her to have a proper social life, as her time of highest activity is when most others are asleep. In addition, she can be hard to find due to a habit of sleeping in strange places.

Quiet - Sanya is not a very outspoken girl. She has a hard enough time just engaging in regular conversation with people she doesn't know. Most of her friends tend to be people she's been on missions with, and therefore was forced to talk to. She's too shy to object to potentially questionable orders, as well. It's only fortunate her commanders are the types who wouldn't take advantage of this.

Obvious Magic - Whenever Sanya activates her magic, she sprouts cat ears and a tail. Additionally, any time her sensory or radio powers are used, she gains a set of bright green, glowing "antennas" floating just at either side of her head. It's very easy to tell when she does anything with her powers.

Neuroi Magnet - Anything that interacts with radio waves in the same fashion as Sanya has little trouble locating her. The Neuroi in particular seem especially interested in her. The aliens have even learned to mimic her song as a form of jamming.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
Neuroi (Sanya Litvyak) May 30th, 2011 A letter to the Union regarding the Neuroi. Kept on record for easy reference in explaining to interested parties just what Neuroi are and what they are capable of.

Other Information

Night Patrol

Sanya is virtually nocturnal, and tends to be tired or completely asleep during the day. During the nights, unless given permission to shirk patrol by Mio Sakamoto or Minna Dietlinde-Wilke, Sanya is typically on patrol to protect the Witches from potential Neuroi attacks. A number of Union members have expressed interest in joining Sanya on patrol, and many have kept her company.

Flying is Sanya's favorite thing. Even moreso than music, which is already a significant part of her life, she loves to fly and will take opportunities to do so even if she's off duty. Flying with others is something she especially enjoys, especially those who are close to her. If Sanya offers to fly with someone, it's a clear indicator that she thinks of them as a close friend.

Those who can't fly still keep Sanya company via radio transmissions. She's become a sort of radio pen-pal with Adelaide Flowers this way, relaying 1940s-era radio plays to Adelaide on slow nights or tuning in when Adelaide plays jazz on her old record player.

Her patrol route has also grown as she has become more attached to people throughout the Multiverse. Currently, her route includes Britannia, Mitakihara, and Uminari.

What I Cherish

While extremely quiet and very polite, Sanya can become surprisingly outspoken in defense of the people she holds close to her. She cherishes her friends more than her own life and has repeatedly demonstrated dogged, unflagging determination in any decision she makes regarding doing whatever she can to keep her friends safe. She measures her impact on the world in the small but important list of people she feels she has made a positive influence on.

Someone Is Doting On Sanya!

No matter where she is in the multiverse, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen can and will detect any time someone dotes on Sanya.


Sanya grew up as the daughter of a master pianist. On rainy days, they would compose a song together, a song that she still sings when she feels alone. When the piece was completed, her father titled it simply "Sanya's Song", and it remains a piece held exclusively between them. She also learned to play piano and to sing because of her father.

When the Neuroi invaded and it was found Sanya could use magic, she volunteered for the Orussian 586th Fighter Aviation Regiment to help defend her country and her father. However, the Neuroi invasion soon split the great empire of Orussia in half, separating Sanya from her father and her unit. Unable to cross Neuroi territory to the east, Sanya went west, eventually linking up with the national collaboration unit, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing based in Britannia.

Shortly after the incident with the Warlock going berserk, the world unified. Following Unification, the 501st became a part of the Union air arm. In this way, they exchanged their services as soldiers for supplies to help their world contend with the Neuroi. As a night operative, Sanya pulled double duty patrolling for her home base and providing aerial support for Union night operations, and she did her best to excel in both positions.

When the Multiverse shattered, she found herself in a small house with her father and a piano, the house she grew up in before the Neuroi invasion. Believing it was a dream (Though she'd never had a dream like this before) Sanya was able to spend several hours in the caring company of her beloved father. The end of this sequence was bittersweet, but at the same time was her contribution to the healing of the ailing Multiverse.

With things back on track, Sanya took some leave, and then returned to work with the Union. ( This is the point where Sanya was apped. )

Since becoming more prominent with the Union, Sanya has befriended Ash and agreed to help the Trainers work on their starship. She doesn't spend much time on board, though, as she has become convinced that one of the Trainers' pokemon is evil due to its habit of sneaking up on her.

Sanya later agreed to join Mobile Section Six. It was here that she was exposed to the wonderous power of Mid-Childan Devices as well as the fightening power of Nanoha Takamachi and her sympathetic philosophy. Having decided to train under Nanoha, Sanya was put into the Gale team with Rena Sayers, Lloyd Irving, and Sakura Kinomoto as a long-range specialist and support fighter.

Unable to adapt around the Fleigerhammer in order to follow Nanoha's philosophy, Sanya requested a Device of her own. It was delivered by the elder Fate during one of Sanya's patrols. After teaching her how to use it, the two flew together while Sanya taught herself the intricacies of the Device. She later began training more fervently, both to master the Device and to live up to Nanoha's expecations and those of her teammates.

Sanya began operating in Mitakihara Town, learning the nature of the Witches in that world and resolving to show the local Puella Magi that not all witches are terrible creatures. As a result, she has wound up befriending Kimiko Shinobu, Mami Tomoe, and Homura Akemi as a result of her attempts to help against these terrifying enemies. Her friendship with Kimiko has grown quite strong: Sanya has even taken Kimiko flying, and has become the reason Kimiko now owns her own Striker Unit.

Recently, several of the other Strike Witches have begun working outside of their home world. Among them is Major Mio Sakamoto, Flight Lieutenant Erica Hartmann, and Ensign Francesca Lucchini. Nanoha Takamachi wasted little time recruiting the other Witches into Mobile Section Six and, with Sanya, creating a team exclusively for Strike Witches--Novas Team. Despite being outranked by Mio in the 501st, Sanya was given the position of Novas 1 due to her experience with the Multiverse, something which Mio seems oddly accepting of.

With the other Witches, Sanya has redoubled her efforts. Mitakihara Town and Uminari City have both been added to her nightly patrol routes, and she does everything she can to keep all three towns safe with what power she has.

It was during this time that a large type Neuroi managed to make landfall in Frosland and spawn a Hive, displacing the 622nd Joint Fighter Wing and resulting in Britannia being surrounded on all sides, with the Frosland hive joining the hives in Baltland, Karlsland, western Gallia, and Orussia, and Venizia.

Major Sakamoto returned to focusing her efforts more completely on the European war with the Neuroi, though Eila soon replaced her as one of the Witches taking part in Multiversal operations.

After approximately 8 months, Neuroi originating from the Frosland hive began assaulting Multiversal locations through the Warp Gate system. It was during this crisis that Sanya was shot down, suffering a broken arm and grounding her for the duration of the Frosland Liberation operation.

Shortly after the liberation of Frosland, Sanya met with X-11, a witch-type Neuroi that had defected to the 501st. Though apprehensive at first, she has slowly warmed up to the Neuroi, who has taken the name Evangeline. When this Neuroi was taken to an undisclosed location for shady military experiments, Sanya volunteered to track the transport as best she could. This eventually resulted in another Warlock, which Sanya supplied tracking information on and eventually participated in the final battle with it, up to and including shielding Evangeline's damaged core from enemy Neuroi fire. With the Warlock destroyed, Sanya quietly supported Evangeline's recovery, though has not outwardly admitted her acceptance.

Flight Hammer

Though initially an empty Storage Device, Flight Hammer has developed a personality all its own over time, use, and exposure to Sanya. It has developed into a calm-voiced, supportive character who encourages Sanya in times of emotional crisis. For example, when suffering an emotional breakdown the night Kimiko 'died' and became Virginia, Flight Hammer could be heard saying "It will be alright, my master. Please do not cry."

Below is a list of Flight Hammer's stored spells. As a Storage Device, it cannot create new spells on the fly, Sanya must do so by herself. However, as a storage device, its storage capacity is quite high.


  • Barrier Jacket ("Stand by, Ready. Set up.") - Summons Sanya's Barrier Jacket as well as her MIG-60 Striker Unit, or just the Jacket if the Striker is already Engaged.
  • Engage Striker ("Contact. Take Off.") - Summons only Sanya's MIG-60 Striker Unit.
  • Strike Shift ("Agile Engine. Strike Shift.") - A quick burst of speed.
  • Load Shell ("Load Shell. Set.") - Pumps an extra burst of magic power into Sanya's spells, can be used to shorten charge time on larger spells.
  • Barrel Extend ("Ready. Barrel Extension.") - Required for certain spells.
  • Rune Shield - A stored version of Sanya's circular Strike Witch shield.
    • Suomus Riot Shield ("Reinforcement. Suomas Riot Shield.") - Replaces the circular Rune Shield with a rectangular Riot Shield. Created by having Flight Hammer scan and incorporate a heavy riot shield given to her by Eila.

Launcher Mode

Launcher Mode has two sub-modes, Nine Tube (a nine-tube rocket launcher, similar to Fleigerhammer) and Smooth Bore (a single large cannon barrel, similar to a modern bazooka). This changes on the fly to reflect the spell she is about to cast.

  • Arc Missile ("Nine Tube. Arc Missile.") - A single missile of crimson magic. May have homing qualities. More than one may be fired at a time, announced in sequence by Flight Hammer ("Fire One. Fire Two. Fire Three.")
  • Missile Scram ("Missile Scram. One Two.") - When Flight Hammer fires all of its missiles at once. Sub-variants exist where Flight Hammer deploys additional launcher tubes and, following a Load Shell, firing them all twice for a total projectile count of 42. One of Sanya's finishing spells.
  • Missile Cruiser ("Ready. Barrel Extension. Charge Set. Missile Cruiser.") - Sanya's take on Nanoha's Divine Buster, though her lower magic output results in a preparation time more similar to Starlight Breaker's. Missile Cruiser is a large, high speed homing projectile which delivers massive damage on impact and may penetrate weaker defenses, though hardened shields can still repell it. Not a true Breaker spell.
  • Shell Shooter ("Smooth Bore. Shell Shooter.") - A workhorse spell. Shell Shooter is Smooth Bore mode's version of Arc Missile, launching projectiles in parabolic arcs.
  • Shell Shatter ("Smooth Bore. Shell Shatter.") - A variant on Shell Shooter, where the shell explodes in midair and rains smaller magic projectiles over a wide area beneath it. Area suppression.
  • Shell Blossom ("Smooth Bore. Shell Blossom.") - A variant on Shell Shooter where the shell explodes in midair. The burst hurls out thick beams of crimson light which curl back in on their origin point to explode a second time, creating a flower-like design in the air. Both explosions and the beams themselves are dangerous. Smooth Bore's strongest area suppression spell.
  • Scramble Grenade ("Nine Tube. Scramble Grenade.") - A variant on Arc Missile. The missile projectiles are deployed as bouncing grenades, exploding on a delay or when given the order. ("Burst.")
  • Scramble Bomber ("Nine Tube. Scramble Bomber.") - The Scramble Grenade version of Missile Scram. Far more grenades are deployed at once. These likewise explode either on a time delay or when commanded to. ("Burst.")

Crusher Mode

  • Arc Hammer ("Smash Head Ready. Arc Hammer.") - A very simple hammer blow. Force is multiplied by the use of a magic-powered rocket engine opposite of the striking head.
  • Blast Smasher ("Blast Head Ready. Blast Smasher.") - Blast Smasher retracts the safety cover on the Smash Head, revealing a missile warhead. This produces a severe explosion on impact.
  • Rocket Crusher ("Blast Head Ready. Rocket Crusher.") - Rocket Crusher combines the traits of Arc Hammer and Blast Smasher. The missile warhead impact head is exposed in addition to the rocket-assisted swing. The result is both high force at impact and a large explosion.

Vice Mode

  • Vice Cannon ("Gatling Set. Vice Cannon.") - Flight Hammer's gauntlet reorients itself into a 4-barreled rotary cannon and can be used to fire magically generated 30mm rounds at high speed. This is its only ranged attack option in Vice Mode.
  • Intercept Vice ("Intercept Vice. Captured.") - Intercept Vice uses Flight Hammer's rockets and targeting system to intercept anything approaching Sanya by capturing it. She then gains the opportunity to do with what she caught however she wishes. A very useful skill against melee opponents.
  • Arc Fist ("Back Off. Arc Fist.") - A brief burst of rockets from the gauntlet's elbow allows Sanya to punch with great force. An excellent melee spell to knock threats away and gain distance, where Sanya is more comfortable.
  • Rocket Fist ("Rocket Punch.") - Flight Hammer activates its rockets, currently fixed to Sanya's elbow, and launches both itself and its wearer into the enemy. Flight Hammer will refuse to fire the rockets without the appropriate voice command, so it knows Sanya is ready. Given how quiet Sanya is, she has great difficulty reaching the volumes that Flight Hammer demands.


Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen - The one person in all of the worlds of the Multiverse who Sanya cherishes most of all. She idolizes Eila and takes her opinions very seriously. Sanya will also do anything she can to ensure Eila's safety, a mutual trait between them. Their relationship is very much like loving sisters, though there may be more to it than that. Eila typically pulls Sanya out of her shell, getting her to socialize with others more than she otherwise would. Sanya acts as Eila's moral compass and doesn't hesitate to scold the Suomas witch if her habit of teasing others goes too far.

Nanoha Takamachi - The elder Nanoha has been a very strong influence on Sanya since she first joined the Union. Taking the experienced mage's wisdom to heart, Sanya endeavors to learn all she can about Nanoha's philosophy in magic combat and in life in general. Nanoha serves as a sort of ideal which Sanya works her hardest to achieve, both as an exceptionally kind person and as an exceptionally powerful Mage. If one were to apply family parallels, Nanoha fills the role as Sanya's father, a caring but firm role model.

Fate T. Harlown - The elder Fate serves as a second influence in Sanya, and has assisted in her magical training just as long as Nanoha has. Sanya feels that Fate can be a source of incredible support, and indomitable and unflinching woman who will defend those she loves with no hesitation and no mercy, all while wearing a smile. If Nanoha serves as Sanya's father figure, Fate would be her mother figure. The family parallels exist because Nanoha and Fate have joked often about adopting Sanya in the past.

Homura Akemi - Sanya's relationship with Homura is very strange. The two have almost never interacted and the one time they had a direct conversation, Sanya actually lost her temper. However, she still feels like she can be friends with Homura and has apologized in her own way by giving up the Type99-2-2 machine cannon to Homura's arsenal.

Kimiko Shinobu - When Sanya met Kimiko, she saw in the Puella Magi aspects of herself. Most notably, she felt that Kimiko could very easily have been just like her. Calm, reserved, and stoic in demeanor, she only lacks Sanya's quiet and polite demeanor. Upon learning the truth about Kimiko's enemy, Sanya reached out repeatedly to the Puella, offering everything she could to promote happiness and a sense of belonging to a person who she felt was all alone. When this ultimately failed and Kimiko became the Witch Virginia, it was the only time in Sanya's history on the MUSH that Sanya screamed. In the post-Wish timeline created by Madoka Kaname, the two associate as good friends with some sisterly undertones, with Sanya occasionally doting over Kimiko despite the Puella being the older of the two.

  • Sanya is responsible for Kimiko's ownership of a BF104F Striker Unit and has been trying to teach her how to operate an MG-42 machine gun.

Setsuko Kaminagi - A woman whom Sanya met during her excursions into the barriers of Mitakiharan Witches. Sanya has developed a great respect for Setsuko's courage and level head, even in high pressure situations. She has come to see Setsuko as a source of wisdom and seeks her advice when she needs an outside perspective on something. Setsuko is also a mutual friend with Kimiko, and the three behave like sisters when together, supportive and helpful and occasionally teasing. Even the quiet Sanya gets a jab in now and then.

Neuroi Girl - The X-11 Neuroi, who has taken the name Evangeline, is a creature that Sanya was initially repulsed by. Over time, as she observed the Neuroi's interactions with other people, she became convinced that it was in fact interested in cooperation and meant no harm. This realization came too late to admit it to Evangeline directly, however, and Sanya brewed over much of it during the Warlock Mk.II incident. When the Mk.II Warlock was destroyed and Evangeline's core damaged, it was Sanya who threw herself into harm's way to protect it with her Riot Shield spell. She contributed what she could to the X-11's recovery as well, creating a small house out of sugar cubes for the Core to rest in, as she recalls Evangeline's apparent fondness for sugar as a high-energy food.

Puella Sanya

An alternate-universe variant of Sanya who made a contract with Kyubey. Encountered during the 2nd On-MCM Mitakihara timeline, this Sanya had made her wish to save her Eila, who had been badly wounded in a battle against a Neuroi which had absorbed a Mitakiharan Witch. Her costume was something like a "cute halloween witch" in nature and the change affected the design of her Striker Unit and Hirschgeweih Dipoles, giving them a more victorian-inspired appearance with filigree designs. This Sanya's weapon of choice was a pair of tonfa which were also functional panzerfaust launchers.

Puella Sanya met her end when she received a letter from her universe's Major Sakamoto, telling her that Eila had again been shot down in enemy territory and was presumed dead. Stricken with grief, she went outside to mourn. When confronted, she showed her pure black soul gem. Homura attempted to destroy it before the Witch could be born, but confusion in her comrades caused her to miss, only nicking the stone. That final act pushed her over the edge and Sanya's soul gem shattered into a grief seed.

Her Witch form was Lydia, the Witch of Darkness, whose body was constantly obscured by clouds and darkness save for glowing green antler-like antennae surrounding its head. The barrier's familiars were passive, even polite and apologetic, and only gathered together to "sing" a haunting orchestral tune as a backdrop to the Witch's rage.

After Lydia was defeated, it was revealed in a cutscene that Puella Sanya's Eila had survived, albeit with a broken leg and stuck behind enemy lines. When she wished Sanya was there, Kyubey revealed his presence by saying "Perhaps that can be arranged."

Sanya's player however has no interest in pursuing that sequel hook, as that timeline has concluded and Madoka's Wish has changed the rules.

In the Post-Wish timeline, Puella Sanya has again turned into Lydia. This time, after Lydia was destroyed, the girl was saved and her gem purified. Additional closure came when a later letter from Sakamoto joyfully rescinded the previous letter, as they had found Eila alive in Gallia.

Sanya is aware of her Puella alternate, but the two have never met. She understands the situation, however, and admitted that she doesn't think she would have acted any differently if something had happened to Eila.Dropped