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Satsuki Kiryuin (Scenesys ID: 430)
"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! That is the reality of this world! Listen well, you pigs in human clothing, AND SUBMIT TO THAT TRUTH!"
Full Name: Satsuki Kiryuin
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) KILL la KILL-1
Function: Council President
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? {{{Aging}}} Voice Actor: Ryoka Yuzuki
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Theme Song: Hiroyuki Sawano - KiryuG@kiLL


Few girls have ever so embodied the phrase 'woman of steel' as SATSUKI KIRYUIN, at least without taking the phrase literally. Sharp and severe, beautiful but deadly, the scion of the Kiryuin family is a living sword in the form of a young woman; while a warmer and more open girl in her early youth, an event early in her life changed the girl into a focused, driven force of nature with a grim countenance and an iron will, all focused towards a grand vision towards which she works tirelessly and remorselessly under the thumb of her mother, Ragyo Kiryuin. And she is willing to use any tool to reach that end, whether it be her blade Bakuzan, her powerful transforming 'Kamui' uniform, Junketsu, or even those students attending Honnouji under her cold dictatorship; she is not above using people as pawns or soldiers in the least. What drives Satsuki so fiercely is unknown, but she will go to any length to achieve her goals, an ice-cold fanaticism that makes her all the more dangerous, in battle or out of it.










WOMAN OF STEEL: At all times, Satsuki maintains a cold demeanor, standing at the top of her domain as its unquestioned ruler. With only a small handful of people around whom she can lower her defenses even a tiny amount, this often leaves her 'lonely at the top'; she must use even what few friends she has as pawns and underlings, and cannot feasibly make more.

THE PLAN: Everything Satsuki Kiryuin does is to fulfill her ultimate aim, a goal towards which she marches endlessly. The nature of it is one she keeps closely guarded, but with her ambition and the status of her mother's grip on her world, there's little doubt she shoots for the moon. Threats to her designs can and often do take higher priority than even Confederate matters.

BLOODSTAINED PURITY: Junketsu is a powerful Kamui, and it exacts a price to match. Utilizing Junketsu's transformation incurs automatic one-day recovery time on Satsuki even if she sustains no injuries whatsoever, and adds two days if she is wounded enough to require hospitalization. Additionally, it must be removed immediately after leaving the battlefield, or her life is at risk.

NUDIST BEACH: A secret organization devoted to bringing down the Revocs conglomerate and the Ragyo family. If someone stands up to Satsuki, it's a good bet Nudist Beach will start helping them.

RAGYO KIRYUIN: Satsuki's mother, and the CEO of Revocs. When Ragyo says 'jump', Satsuki has no choice but to say 'how high?'


Title Date Scene Summary
Minor Grail: The Sentinel Maze November 27th, 2015 The small village of Wolong in the Great Mountains requests help dealing with a rogue Caster... but not all is as it seems.
WMAT BSF Mako Mankanshoku vs Fiora Laurent October 11th, 2015 Mako Mankanshoku and Fiora Laurent face off in the WMAT semi-finals!
WMAT B2 Satsuki Kiryuin vs Wind Dancer September 17th, 2015 Wind Magic against Willpower.

Sword and Strength against Axe and Spirit. Who will win? Read on to find out!

WMAT B1 Fiora Laurent vs Homura Akemi September 3rd, 2015 It's Grand Duelist versus Puella Magi for a chance to advance to round two, with commentary by GAMAGOORI and Uzu Sanageyama.
WMAT B1 Ryuko Matoi vs Satsuki Kiryuin August 30th, 2015 NO LOSING YOUR WAY. It's the Lucky 38 Match of the Week as Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiyuin go head to head in Class B action in Gizzard Heights!
WMAT BQ2 Bardock vs Satsuki Kiryuin August 17th, 2015 Bardock vs Satsuki Kiryuin in the second Bracket B qualifier round!
WMAT BQ1 Allenby Beardsley vs Satsuki Kiryuin August 4th, 2015 Satsuki Kiryuin takes on Allenby Beardsley in the WMAT qualifiers!
Honnouji Academy First Annual Iron Fist Iron Chef Food Fight Cooking Contest July 31st, 2015 Nonon Jakuzure's make Yari's idea of a cooking contest a reality, but when extrapolated to Honnouji Academy, what could this mean!? Who will win!? IS THE FOOD EDIBLE!? All this and more!
WMAT 2015 Opening Ceremonies July 30th, 2015 Mister Satan and Mistress of Ceremonies Mizuki kick off the World Martial Arts Tournament with a special opening ceremonies event!
The Dance to Precede Beatdowns II July 26th, 2015 Mizuki hosts the second annual Dance to Precede Beatdowns, a pre-tournament gala to kick off the World Martial Arts Tournament!
Threads of Fate: Election Day April 21st, 2015 The climax of the Honnouji Naturals Election! Ryuko and her companions face off against the Elite Four! But, just who is Nui Harime?
Threads of Fate: The Honnouji Naturals Election April 9th, 2015 The Naturals Election is in full swing, with the entire school battling it out for the highest rankings in Honnouji!
Threads of Fate: Ruins and Automotive Airsoft April 2nd, 2015 In which our heroes learn of... NUDIST BEACH.
Threads of Fate: The Rematch March 25th, 2015 Though Uzu lost his last duel against Ryuko, he has challenged her again, and with Satsuki's permission. But, will it go Ryuko's way again? Or has Uzu got something up his sleeve?
Threads of Fate: Sanageyama vs. Matoi March 21st, 2015 Uzu Sanageyama, with Satsuki Kiryuin's permission, challenges Ryuko Matoi to a duel!
Ixpellia December 14th, 2014 The source of the Mariage is found... but what about Hayate?
Little Lost Lamb December 13th, 2014 Alicia Testarossa goes for a joyride... and attracts the Mariage.
Halloween 2014 October 31st, 2014 Once again, nothing happens in Boston worth noting.
GENESIS: Ryuko Matoi September 25th, 2014 Ryuko obtains her Abstractum, Jarring Chord!
Distressing Beacon September 7th, 2014 A TSAB outpost sends a distress signal out.
A Hunting We Will Go September 6th, 2014 Lila and Amalthea go shopping... and WOLKENRITTER ATTACK! And then... GIANT ROBOTS!
Huge and Not Huge August 27th, 2014 After a month of forgetting about it, Mako finally remembers to ask Gamagoori for her uniform--and invites him to dinner with her family.
Mysterious Assailant August 26th, 2014 The Union investigates the attack on Nanoha's mother. Nanoha, and her Confederate allies, investigate as well.
WMAT Exhibition Satan vs. Lute August 4th, 2014 It's another WMAT exhibition match! This time, it's Lute versus Mister Satan! OR IS IT?!
WMAT B3 Ryuko Matoi vs. Corvo Attano July 28th, 2014 WMAT B3 match between Ryuko Matoi and Corvo Attano.
WMAT B3 Satsuki Kiryuin vs. Homura Akemi July 24th, 2014 Homura and Satsuki face off in round 3 of the B bracket in the WMAT 2014. It's severe swordswoman against magical gungirl!
WMAT B2 Li-Ming vs. Satsuki Kiryuin July 13th, 2014 WMAT Li-Ming vs. Satsuki Kiryuin
WMAT B1 Ryuko Matoi vs. Kiyoko Saito June 26th, 2014 It's a schoolyard brawl to end all brawls! The delinquent Ryuko Matoi faces off against the Magical Girl Kiyoko Saito in a no-holds-barred beatdown!
WMAT B1 Cowboy Courier vs. Satsuki Kiryuin June 24th, 2014 First-Round World Martial Arts Tournament match between Satsuki Kiryuin and Courier Six.
WMAT B1 Mako Mankanshoku vs. Jericho Hawke June 23rd, 2014 The Honnouji Fight Club President takes on the Drifter With Nothing Left To Lose in this bracket B, round 1 match of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Mako Mankanshoku versus Jericho Hawke, live at Yunzabit Heights!

WMAT A1 Zeno vs. Blackout June 22nd, 2014 Blackout and Zeno duke it out in Bracket A's first round.


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