Scarlet Blaze

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Scarlet Blaze (Scenesys ID: SCARLET)
"I am the Scarlet Empress. For this unwanted throne, I have shed the blood of my own brothers and sisters; I have condemned the guilty and the innocent alike; I have killed warriors and merchants, generals and farmers. I sought this cursed seat for one thing and one thing only: peace."
Full Name: Cathak Amaranth, The Scarlet Blaze
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon-Blooded
Theme: (OC) Exalted-5R
Function: The Scarlet Empress
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (6-Lieutenant)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20's Actual Age: 100+
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 6'2" Weight:  ??
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


Cathak Amaranth was a rising star of House Cathak when the Realm Civil War started, following the Scarlet Empress' disappearance. Where others were content playing a shadowed game of cloak and dagger with the Realm's leadership, Amaranth sought a more direct approach, to end the war with as few casualties as possible and return attention to the Anathema problem. Through a clever coup and with friends' help, Amaranth gained access to the Imperial Manse, and used it to lay low the other Great Houses and end the war, crowning herself the SCARLET BLAZE. Well-behaved, somewhat of an idealist and a military mind ahead of its time, Blaze values lives far more than anyone in her position should; sacrifices do not appeal to her, no matter the necessity, in part because she feels she has already had to do so many to stabilize the Realm that none should be needed anymore. Efficient on a battlefield, but without the iron-fisted nature of the infamous Wyld Hunt, she has brought the Realm to a far more understanding place than most know it for. As a Dragon-Blooded Exalted, she wields blade and fire in battle, and shines the most when at the command of troops, no matter their nature.









  • The Great Curse (Guttering Flames of Passion): Whenever Scarlet Blaze must suppress her conviction, resist unnatural mental effects, or must sacrifice something, no matter how small, to achieve her goals, she accrues points of Limit. When she reaches 10, she undergoes a Limit Break for one day. During this time, her flames are extinguished and her goals seem distant; she drops whatever she is doing and takes the rest of the day for herself, now uncaring for the rest of the world. This experience leaves her completely rejuvenated afterwards. In situations where uncaringness cannot be afforded, she can partially control her behavior, at least managing to minimally complete tasks that need to be completed before taking her day off.
  • Flaw of Invulnerability (Compassion): Scarlet Blaze may only use her Perfect Defenses in tandem with another Elite (be they Dragon-Blooded or not) who is capable of using abilities strongly attuned with the elements of earth, wood, air or water. In other words, teamwork or bust.
  • Weight of the Throne: Being Empress is not easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication, a lot of hard decisions must be taken, and while Scarlet Blaze delegates a lot to specialists for a variety of tasks, the burden of decisions made still fall on her primarily. On any battlefield, she is the obvious target, but refuses not to lead her men herself; within the Realm she cannot live a normal life, constantly bothered by diplomats and councilmen.
  • High Breeding: Scarlet Blaze cannot hide her nature as a Dragon-Blooded; not only does she feel extremely draconic to those capable of sensing such, but a closer inspection reveals her skin is somewhat scaly, flames dance in her eyes, and the more she uses Essence, the more her features change. Her breath becomes hot, her hair turns into flames and her nails grow into claws.
  • Anima Flux: When spending too much Essence, Scarlet Blaze is wreathed in a large display of flames, which can cause damage to her surroundings. Though she can render her own allies immune to her own flames, she cannot do so for foes and inanimate objects, and so must be careful not to flare it out when in an environment unfriendly towards fire.
  • Realm Resources (Restrictions): Troops, vehicles and artifacts of the Realm can't be freely tossed around the Multiverse; Creation requires many of them be kept deployed and on the battlefield. This is why she tends to deploy herself to help the Union, rather than delegate. This is also why large amounts of troops and resources cannot be deployed easily outside Creation.
  • Disrepair of the Imperial Manse: Once upon a time the Sword of Creation was a thing to be feared. At the end of the Balorian Crusade, with his dying breath, Balor damaged the manse so badly, that upon its use to end the Realm Civil War, every last system within the manse broke down. A single shard of the Elemental Unleashing Engines was retrieved before the building locked itself up. Though some parts of it can still be accessed for visiting, it now serves little purpose as anything but a glorified palace and library. In theory, it could be repaired if access was restored. (But this would require a TP.)


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