Schala Zeal (Dropped)

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Schala Zeal (Scenesys ID: 733)
"I know you can't forgive her but... please don't hate mother, or our kingdom."
Full Name: Schala Zeal
Gender: Female
Species: Enlightened One (Human)
Theme: (FC) Chrono Trigger-2R
Function: Gem of Antiquity
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (22-Last Chancer)
Groups: [Last Chancers]
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? Slowly Voice Actor:
Height: 5'5 (168 cm) Weight: Slim
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Teal
Theme Song: Crystal Forest (Secret of Mana) -->


Schala is a person who carries herself with regality and poise worthy of her ancestry, tempered though each may be by uncanny quantities of genuineness, humanity, and compassion that make her shockingly relatable in spite of her position. She has held fast to this better nature even as her mother, Queen Zeal, has begun a descent into madness that has exacerbated a preexisting schism between class and culture in her home, and made possible innumerable acts of callousness that threaten to unmake her world. The young princess is rarely capable of resisting this mounting evil on her own power, however; while immense as one would expect of her lineage, her magical potential is still only that, and her physical fragility creates a significant blind spot. Still, she demonstrates talent in the usage of powerful area-of-effect spells from all the major denominations of magic in addition to healing and sealing techniques. The latter involves both the creation of battlefield barriers and imbuing of magical effects within weapons and trinkets alike.










ARCANE INSTABILITY: Many who see Schala will notice a certain pale quality in her flesh, and this is not something that can be attributed solely to a life spent indoors. The massive quantities of magical energy that reside in the young woman's body sometimes harm her as much as they help, sporadically causing her to develop flu-like symptoms. Though she will typically be given advance warning of this in the form of a gradually developing nausea, when this illness sets in it disrupts her ability to cast spells and is generally physically debilitating. Even when she isn't feeling feverish she always has a small chance to lose control of her spells entirely, especially when casting more powerful ones.

FRAGILITY: Schala is fatally lacking in physical endurance, meaning that she could easily be beaten if she was to be hit by an enemy even once during a fight. Additionally, she is the antithesis of agility and has no skill whatsoever in the use of more mundane weapons like swords, guns, polearms, etc. Given her natural lack of dexterity there is also very little chance that she will ever learn to use them, and even if she does she will likely never be able to wield them with the adroitness of an Elite.

FAMILY: Schala's mother was not always the conniving woman that she is today, and the young princess has found it exceedingly difficult to divorce the past from the present. Evil though she may be, the girl feels some measure of loyalty to her, and she staunchly refuses to allow any visitors to the world to kill her outright. If she was killed before a cure for her madness were to be found, the princess would be devastated, but while she remains alive she keeps a hold over her daughter that leaves the world in constant peril and Schala's feelings eternally in flux. Likewise, she would be distraught if anything were to happen to her brother Janus.

NOBILITY: On the flip side of this, Schala's innately regal qualities can attract many seedy individuals who might seek her for ransom or other malefic purposes. For this reason she often has to choose her journeys carefully.

DUTY: Though young, Schala is a monarch in earnest when it comes to the obligation she feels toward her home and its people. If either of those things were ever threatened, she would gladly lay down her life in their defense, and she is likewise bound to them in every sense aside from a purely physical one -- she would not feel comfortable pursuing a purely independent life while there exist people who would benefit from her presence and, if necessary, rule. Similarly, she will often feel a compulsion to help the unfortunate and downtrodden of worlds abroad even when it would be to her detriment or endangerment to do so.

DOUR INCLINATION: Queen Zeal is not the only person to have been impacted by the Lavos -- Schala has been as well. Through time and proximity to them, she has steadily accrued a sort of murky telephatic link that allows the world eater to convey its thoughts of destruction, domination, and pessimism to the young princess no matter their physical distance. These ideas can both distract the princess in times of consequence and aggravate her mood without warning, making her occasionally exhibit moods of dark vehemence in stark contrast to her normal behavior. While Schala is typically able to suppress this and keep it from the notice of others, even she doesn't realize how profound - and lasting - the mental burden this places on her really is.

CLOISTERED: Schala can certainly be sociable if she tries, but when it comes to sharing her personal feelings, insecurities, and philosophies, she becomes extremely reticent. She has all of these things in abundance, but parsing them for others is taxing in ways she usually cannot be bothered to surmount. To her, her feelings are inconsequential unless they are quite literally preventing her from functioning normally, and she sees no practicality in exerting herself to vocalize them.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Guru on Mount Woe May 2nd, 2015 The group works to save Melchior from Mount Woe, Giga Gaia, and the elite of the Zealian Military.
The Queen April 16th, 2015 The Multiversal Group attempt negotiation with the mad Queen Zeal.
Above the Clouds March 30th, 2015 The Masked Knight of Mirrah visits with Princess Schala in the Kingdom of Zeal, courtesy of some handy cat-burglar skills to scale the roof.
The All-Seeing Eye March 24th, 2015 A team of Union, Unaffiliated, and Confederate Elites assemble at the behest of Schala Zeal to investigate matters of the princess' kingdom.
Earthbound March 17th, 2015 This scene stinks!
Midsummer Night's Dream March 16th, 2015 Schala finds a knight errant in a cave.


Title Date Scene Summary
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