Scion (Worm-1) (Not Approved)

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Full Name: Scion
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (NPC) Worm-1
Function: Scion
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Other Information
Physical Age:  ??? Actual Age:  ???
Still Aging?  ??? Voice Actor:
Height: Tall Weight: Muscular
Hair Color: Golden Eye Color: Golden
Theme Song:

Spoofing Rights

Blanked pending Admin review.


The first parahuman, Scion revealed himself to the world on May 20, 1982. On that day, Scion cured a man of cancer simply through touching him. Since then, Scion has restlessly travelled across his world, righting wrongs and solving all manner of crises, from the smallest car crash to the largest diplomatic incident. A golden man with no name, it was only after extinguishing a forest fire in Russia that Scion spoke the only word he has ever said.


Scion is rated as the most powerful parahuman and, indeed, entity on his world with a vast amount of abilities to call upon. Flight, telekinesis, super speed and a variety of golden 'lasers' appear to be his usual powers of choice and he is hypothesised and rumored to have many others. His powers are such that he is one of the few beings able to go toe-to-toe with the Endbringers and prevail, and perhaps the only one who can do so on a singular basis with no assistance or backup. Despite his sheer power, however, Scion has not been able to kill them and always seems to be satisfied with merely driving them off from their target or forcing them to retreat and lick their wounds.

Despite his amazing, awe-inspiring abilities, Scion is something of an enigma. He is not guaranteed to appear on the scene of any given crime or disaster. Even something as apocalyptic as an Endbringer attack means that Scion might arrive hours after the damage is done. In that sense, Scion seems to draw no distinction between helping one person and helping thousands. Given that he doesn't - or is unable to - communicate with those around him, the people of his Earth can only theorise why Scion is so helpful and yet so utterly distant from everyone else on the planet. The one thing most of them will agree upon, however, is that he seems to be sad.