Shadowed Scales

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Shadowed Scales (Scenesys ID: 1021)
"It was not betrayal. It was mercy."
Full Name: Shadowed Scales Hide Bloody Claws
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Lunar Exalted)
Theme: (OC) Exalted-4
Function: Bloody Claws
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (22-Wraith)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Adult Actual Age: ~2500+
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Height: 5'6" Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
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A remnant of bygone days, Shadowed Scales Hide Bloody Claws is a relic of the supposed golden days of Creation; the time when Solars ruled the lands as lawgivers and Lunars were at their sides in stewardship. While many may long for the ancient glories of the Age of Dreams, Scales is embittered and disenchanted with a past that did nothing but see her abused at the hands of her Solar Mate. Pushed beyond the brink of misery, she devoured her own Mate and ran, only to be hunted down and punished for her grievous sin. Years of festering hate has turned her into a silent, bitter, killer; feral and almost completely incapable of empathy and remorse, relying on the natural guile of her Waning Moon caste, superhuman strength, and shape shifting abilities to lash out and exact her revenge on a Creation and Fate that gave her nothing but a life of misery.










Flaw of Conviction: Shadowed Scales may only use her Perfect Dodge in circumstances where taking action would not go against her own personal motivations and beliefs. As such, should she be placed in a situation where the actions she takes are counter to her long term need for revenge, or quelling her addiction, she has to rely on other means of evading injury.

Feral: Due to her mutations, and ages of no social contact beyond hunting her Mate's reincarnations Scales actively prefers stealth and violence to use over social guile and deception more often than not. Also, technology and Shadowed Scales do not mix. She either does not know how to use most modern marvels, or simply dislikes them, due to her upbringing prior to her Exaltation, and shunning them all for centuries afterwards.

The Tell: The Tell is a trait manifesting in the shape of something symbolic of Scales' animal, that shows through any form she may take. Though the Tell, in general, exudes an aura that convinces others to ignore it is there, once it has been seen, it becomes much easier to discern a Lunar's identity, despite their guise. Scales' Tell are blotchy patches of dark scaly skin upon her face, and reptilian eyes.

Sins In Permanent Ink: Scales' Moonsilver tattoos are as much a bane to her as they are a blessing. Each ornate etching onto her flesh is an intricate and detailed verse in Clawspeak, detailing the depth of her sins. To anyone who can read Clawspeak, it tells a twisted, one-sided, tale of betrayal and blood that is not quite completely true. It is an instant stigma placed upon her in the presence of other Lunar Exalted, or anyone capable of reading the tribal markings.

Lack of Empathy: Scales has an incredibly difficult time empathizing with others. She has been secluded from most social contact for too long, and her anger and hate cloud her interactions with anyone and everyone. Though her Caste was one that specialized in guile and social dominance, she has turned into a dispassionate killer who rarely shows warmth to even close allies. Attempts to appeal to her emotions will also be massively rebuffed, as she refuses to feel anything for others. Her pleas and cries for aid in the first age were rejected even by her Lunar kin. Why should she show such kindness to others?

Mutations: Time spent in the Wyld prior to receiving her form-locking Moonsilver tattoos has altered Scales' body, due to the chaotic nature of the Wyld. Not all of Scales' mutations are beneficial. Her body has taken on a monstrous demi-human appearance, as a result, and she suffers a myriad variety of physical poxes, blights, and derangements, the worst of which are her sociopathic detachment, and an addiction to consuming hearts. Scales must slake this desire for heart's blood every so often or suffer terrible consequences.

Golden Widow: The act of consuming her Solar Mate is not a permanent one. Whenever Scales' Mate reincarnates, she must hunt them down and devour them again if she wishes to restore her expanded power. Therefore this heinous hunt must be performed again and again, every few years. Scales performs it almost religiously, due to her extreme bitterness. The act of consuming her Solar Mate instantly sends Scales into Limit Break.

The Great Curse: Like many other Exalts, Scales suffers from the Great Curse, placed upon the Exalted by the Primordials. When she purposely disregards her own virtues, resists unnatural mental effects or mind control, or is hit by the light of the full moon, she gains a form of supernatural stress called Limit. When Limit reaches a boiling point, she enters a state called Limit Break. Scales suffers an iteration of the curse known as The Curse of Reptilian Apathy. For 24 hours she loses all motivation, and any intimacies and positive emotions she may have (grudgingly) developed towards anyone and everything, becoming apathetic to the world and unable to form new intimacies in any form. Through partial control she will simply lose her motivations, but not her intimacies.


Title Date Scene Summary
Into the Breach July 24th, 2016 A recently-unified world lets slip some attempts at communication, involving trouble with something called a 'Breach' that the army is having difficulty handling. It seems some troop reinforcements were delayed, leaving the troops engaged in a bit of a lurch.
Blood Moon Waning July 21st, 2016 When a squad of Dragon-Bloods discover something ancient that was lost among the sands of the desert, and brag about it in the city of Chiaroscuro, something equally ancient and lost rises to hunt them down and keep secret the treasures of the sands.


Title Date Scene Summary
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