Shockwave (Dropped)

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Shockwave (Scenesys ID: 485)
"You did not think I would build something so powerful, such as you - and not have a way to control it?"
Full Name: Shockwave
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: (FC) Transformers Prime-1R
Function: Decepticon Scientist
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A)
Other Information
Physical Age:  ??? Actual Age:  ???
Still Aging?  ??? Voice Actor: David Sobolov
Height: Titan Weight: Heavy
Hair Color: n/a Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


Tall, hulking, imposing and taciturn, Shockwave resembles nothing more than a giant, malevolent, robotic cyclops. Despite initial appearances, Shockwave is an extremely intelligent Decepticon whose knowledge spans across many fields: Cybertronian biotechnology, quantum mechanics, genetic experimentation, temporal/spatial manipulation and, of course, warfare. As Megatron's second-in-command, Shockwave has been responsible for countless feats of technological prowess - gestalt combiners, the Space Bridge, insecticons. This, along with his incredible devotion to knowledge and ruthless, amoral experimentation is what earned him the disparaging title of Megatron's 'pet mad scientist'. However, even if his mind is his most powerful asset, that is not to say Shockwave is physically weak: unlike many of his Cybertronian contemporaries, who mimic the human form as closely as possible, Shockwave's form is almost brutal in its angular simplicity. Lacking any morality or ethics, Shockwave has no master except himself and no goal beyond the acquisition of knowledge as, to the Decepticon, the old adage rings true: knowledge is power. His most powerful tool is his incredible perception of logic and cause and effect, a weapon that he wields as surely as his arm-mounted hyperflux cannon. This combination of ruthless pragmatism and formidable weaponry makes Shockwave someone that his enemies should never take lightly... and someone that his allies should never turn their back on.










MAD SCIENTIST - Something isn't quite right in Shockwave's neural net. Even Megatron was able to recognise that Shockwave lacks any sort of morality programming or ethical subroutines. And when Megatron himself came to the attention of Shockwave, in the brutal gladiatorial pits of Kaon, Shockwave's only thought was whether he could mass-produce someone like Megatron. Shockwave was not afraid to study the corrupting substance known as 'dark' Energon and also subjected prisoners to inhuman energon deprivation studies. Many of his creations have been... less than ideal. The gestalts are brutish titans, lacking in intelligence but making up for it in destructive power, and the Dinobots turned on him completely. Shockwave does not seem to mind - he can simply make revisions. Whether Shockwave's mindset comes from something innate to his Spark, or perhaps the result of some experiment with himself as the subject is unclear. In either case, there is a reason that Shockwave is known as the "pet mad scientist" of Megatron's ranks.

ENIGMATIC - Shockwave keeps to himself. He is the name mentioned in whispers, almost something like a bogeyman to both Decepticons and Autobots. Very few Cybertronians have any reason to trust him. Even Megatron recognises one simple fact - Shockwave will, one day, turn on him. During the war, Shockwave would play Autobots and Decepticons against each other in order to increase his own base of power. However, he was always smart enough to cover his tracks, leaving the Decepticons none the wiser.

ALOOF - Shockwave really only cares for his experiments. Everything else is just a distraction. Even the war on Cybertron was little more than a distraction albeit a useful one that allowed him to create all manner of devices. Even before the war, however, Shockwave lived on the fringe of Cybertronian society. At the best of times, he is simply... detached and clinical. Because of this, small things that seem to be unimportant may escape his notice.

VENGEFUL - While Shockwave may believe he has scrubbed his emotions away, and that he is purely driven by logic, he does give in to two things - rage and pride. This combination gives him a particular taste for vengeance. After Shockwave was barred from Crystal City, he returned with his creation - the first Devastator - and obliterated the entire city. When Arcee and Cliffjumper escaped his grasp, he followed them into a rapidly destabilising space bridge portal. Taking advantage of this idiosyncrasy, it may be possible to lure the Decepticon in to a variety of traps and situations which he has not had time to prepare for.

BIG RED BULLSEYE - Shockwave only has one eye. His sole red ocular sensor sits in the middle of his head, making him seem like a malevolent, giant robotic cyclops. While this confers no disadvantage to his visual perception, it is certainly a tempting target that has led to Shockwave's defeat on at least one occasion.

FREEZE-LOCKED - Extreme lows of temperature are detrimental to Cybertronian life. Even if Shockwave isn't completely frozen over, subzero temperatures turn his systems slow and make his reflexes sluggish. With prolonged period of exposure it can effectively immobilise him and, with more time, put him into an involuntary stasis lock. Bringing cold weapons to bear would almost certainly cause him to back off, if not outright retreat. Whether Shockwave will make the mistake of entering a firefight where that might be a problem, however, remains to be seen...


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