Shukou Tateyaku (Dropped)

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Shukou Tateyaku (Scenesys ID: 681)
"Hero change!"
Full Name: Shukou Tateyaku
Gender: Male
Species: Augmented Human
Theme: (FC) Zettai Hero Project-1R
Function: Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (7-Recruit)
Groups: [Syndicate]
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: Middling Weight: Skinny
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


A Hero of Justice who stands firm against the dangers of the universe! Augmented by an arsenal of bizarre weapons and dangerous Body Modification science, the Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger will never give up the fight for freedom, no matter where trouble shows up! With his signature HERO CHANGE, he transforms in the blink of an eye from a spineless weakling to a true hero! Even death can't defeat him - it only makes him more powerful! And even though he's kind of deadpan, inside his heart beats the raging hot blood of a true hero! He just gets talked over a lot by his allies - his ghostly mentor Pirohiko, his Hero Society teacher Etranger, and his ally-slash-cooler-rival Reckless Cop Dangerama! Still, even though he's talked over all the time and no one respects him, he'll make sure the voice of Justice is heard! Go! Do your best, Unlosing Ranger! We'll be cheering for you, even if you suck!










UNLOSING HEART!: The Unlosing Ranger will always act in defense of the people, even if it means throwing his own body into harm's way over and over again, without regard for the reckless, agonizing pain he'll be in when he's inevitably killed! That's because he cares more about human life than he does about his own worthless existence. What a great hero, huh?

UNLOSING LACK OF INVULNERABILITY!: It hurts to die! It hurts so much, it's like having your entire body stabbed with needles, or vaporized by an explosion! If you had invulnerability, maybe it would be great, but the Unlosing Ranger is a man who doesn't need invulnerability to face this kind of pants-wetting terror! He'll suffer through it all, though, because that's what it means to be a hero. He'll do his best no matter what.

UNLOSING TRAUMA!: Any time the Unlosing Ranger is beaten, he gains a "Trauma" based on the person who beat him, or the method by which he was defeated. These "Traumas" provide serious anguish for the Unlosing Ranger, as they cut around his superhuman courage. They're like temporary fears of something, such as energy blasts, or dragons, or what have you. They're always broad classifications rather than specific people or items. These supernatural fears don't prevent him from fighting, but they do make it harder for him to fight the classification of thing that "Trauma"tized him, and they can be exploited by someone canny enough to figure them out. He can only have one Trauma at a time - if he's beaten by something else, the new Trauma wipes out the old one.

UNLOSING LOST AT LOVE!: Shukou's family life was god-awful! It was like something out of a cliched TV drama! His parents are on the edge of divorce and blame him, his sister blames him for his parents's such a mess. He doesn't understand the power of Love - which is a critical failure for a True Hero. How can you be a Hero without the Power of Love to give you a power up in the last inning? Worse, what if villain found out about this and exploited your fragile state of mind?

UNLOSING BYSTANDER MODE!: The Unlosing Ranger is a transforming hero, which means that if he's caught with his pants down, he's in trouble. Ambushing Shukou is a great way to completely flatten him, because if one can prevent him from transforming - such as by covering his mouth so he can't Hero Change - he's basically screwed. He has no access to any of his Advantages in this mode except Unlosing Willpower, which makes him literally no better than an unempowered human being. He's basically a bystander like this, and he can be killed like one - possibly permanently. If he's killed in this way, he has to pass the Unlosing Ranger title on to a new kid, and he might stay around as a ghost so he can mentor them for a little while. That lease on unlife only gives him a short amount of time to pass on his knowledge, and then it's off to wherever it is dead people go. Even if he was brought back to life by some means, once he's passed on the Unlosing Ranger title, he's not getting it back.


Title Date Scene Summary
Rock Fight!!! January 16th, 2015 It's a Rock Fight!!!
Monster Reborn January 12th, 2015 Union vs Mad Maxizer MkII (Epic Machine Boss Battle)


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