Sieg (Dropped)

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Sieg (Scenesys ID: 566)
"I've got to keep moving forward."
Full Name: Sieg
Gender: Male
Species: Homunculus
Theme: (OFC) Fate/Parallel-1
Function: Dragon-Blooded Knight?
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Groups: Dun Realtai
Other Information
Physical Age: 15-16 Actual Age: A few months
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Height: SHORT Weight: SKINNY
Hair Color: Sandy Brown Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


As a homunculus created by the Yggdmillennia Magus Family to be nothing more than a mana battery, Sieg has no history and nearly no identity. It's in his nature to be kind, but his only real goal is to preserve his own life. Heavily influenced by the hero Siegfried, he is quite courageous and selfless, leading him to seek to help others -- especially abused creatures like himself -- out of sheer impulse. But because his body is frail and he is ignorant to the ways of the world at large, Sieg is both physically and mentally unprepared to be a hero like his heart demands of him. Although he has magical power and potential far exceeding the capabilities of any human, Sieg hasn't been taught how to do magecraft and as a result is mostly a deep, deep well of untapped potential. His only true ability is called Dead Count Shapeshifter, which allows him to transform into the heroic spirit Siegfried. Inexperience makes Sieg less dangerous than the true Siegfried, but in essence it still turns him into a nearly invincible dragon slaying monster.



Dead Count Shapeshifter: Sieg's heart has been replaced with that of Siegfried, Hero of the Nibelungenlied. By itself, it simply improves the strength of his body and increases his lifespan so that he might live over a hundred years. With enough mana or the usage of a special command seal, Sieg can transform into Siegfried, endowing him with categorically superhuman physical abilities, skills, traits, and powerful artifacts called Noble Phantasms. His physical power is high enough to cut down armies without being injured, or fight against great beasts like dragons. Any +advantage entry tagged with (Dead Count Shapeshifter) is only active while Sieg is transformed. (Aura Flare 13 -> 33)

Golden Rule (Dead Count Shapeshifter): Sieg has an affinity for gathering wealth, but that wealth tends to be accompanied by bad luck.

Homunculus: Sieg is a homunculus, an artificial human made to be a magic battery. This makes him an ideal master for a heroic spirit, and a staggeringly powerful mage if anybody bothered teaching him.

Rapid Learning: Sieg learns at a blindingly inhuman pace. He went from the intellect of a baby to a semi-functional person in a matter of months. He has an innate understanding of magic and the world around him. For instance, he can determine the composition of glass just by seeing it.

Improvised Spells: Sieg can cast very minor, improvised spells. For instance, to weaken a substance (like glass) in order to break it.

Mystery Power: WHAT COULD IT BE?


Knowledge (Grail War): The entirety of Sieg's existence has been in the presence of the Great Grail War. Because of this he knows a little bit more about the war, heroic spirits, and legendary items like Excalibur or Gungnir than is ordinary.

Riding (Dead Count Shapeshifter): Sieg is able to ride nearly any animal or operate nearly any vehicle with good proficiency. He is limited to personal-scale machines such as motorcycles or small planes, and minor supernatural beasts.


Armor of Fafnir (Dead Count Shapeshifter): Armor representing the invincibility Siegfried earned by bathing in the dragon Fafnir's blood. Attacks that do not target the leaf-shaped weak point on his back are EXTREMELY mitigated, and non-elites are unable to inflict damage on Sieg at all unless they attack his weak point.

Balmung (Dead Count Shapeshifter): The greatsword used to slay the dragon Fafnir. It can be a demonic or holy sword depending on the wielder, and by itself is very powerful. When activated with the words, "O Sword, Let thee be filled," it gathers tremendous magical energy from the age of the gods and releases it in a titanic destructive semicircle around the wielder. The scope of it is colossal, sufficient to annihilate whole armies and colossal beasts alike. It also gains a large damage bonus against dragons or dragon-blooded beings. Sieg's transformation into Siegfried is immediately cancelled after using this attack. (SPECIAL RULES: PL 33->34 Aura Flare, but as soon as the +attack is made Sieg's PL drops back down to 13.)




Balmung: Sieg's ability to use Balmung is flawed. After using its super attack, he immediately returns to his natural form. In other words, if Balmung doesn't end the fight, Sieg is guaranteed to lose.

Heart of a Hero: Within Sieg is the heart of the dragonslayer Siegfried. It has influenced his personality, giving him a selfless streak and bravery that he didn't have prior to the transplant. Being as fearless as a man who was bodily invincible is, predictably, unhelpful for somebody who is as frail as Sieg is.

Inexperienced: Sieg is a fast learner, but he is currently completely ignorant of nearly everything. This inexperience is a part of why he is less capable than Siegfried when transformed into a Saber, even though he is every bit as physically powerful as a heroic spirit. It is a weakness that can be overcome with time, but until then, Sieg doesn't even have what people call common sense.

Undeveloped Ego: Sieg is barely a person. He wants to move forward, but doesn't know why. Anybody who takes the time to teach him about living has a lot of sway over his development. This is limited by the influence of Siegfried's heart, but encouraging virtues/failings associated with Siegfried are that much more influential as a result.

Weak: Sieg was made to be a living mana battery, so he's not built to last. His constitution is improving thanks to his spiritual heart transplant, but unless he transforms (see +powers) he's dramatically weaker than a comparably sized human. The only category in which he is superior is magecraft and intelligence.


Name Standing Thoughts
Bedivere Friendly A friendly but overly serious man. Master of Saber.
Emiya Shirou Friendly Acquaintance A nice guy with a powerful special skill as a magus.
Onikaze Kenshin Respected A strange man. Magician-class magic user, but not from our world.
Rider of Blue Mentor/Friend Rider was there for me after I nearly died.
Saber Unknown Knight of the Round Table. Identity unknown, but probably King Arthur.
Saber of Gold Respected Knight of the Round Table. Identity unknown, but...
Saber of Red Frienemy Mordred. Another homunculus. I like her.



Title Date Scene Summary
Killin' Dragons For Fun And Loot July 10th, 2015 And also for profit.
Opposition Surge November 8th, 2014 Heroes lock onto Dorothy and her Servant's position, but a transformed Sieg bursts in and makes things even more chaotic.
Shedding Some Light October 20th, 2014 Evette reactivates her space station.
A Late Awakening October 15th, 2014 A traipse through a decaying space station leads to an unusual discovery.
Cat Wrangling October 6th, 2014 Some cats are messier and harder to wrangle than others.
Irregular History October 5th, 2014 Onikaze Kenshin comes to visit Sieg. Philosophy and confusion follows.
Party Like It's 299 October 4th, 2014 Strange things are afoot in Sieg and Rider of Blue's Paris. Mordred and Elliana happen upon the scene as it unfolds.
The Lance of Kresnik - Hamil September 29th, 2014 Many parties investigate the small village of Hamil, and find more than apples and cider there.
Autumn Celebration September 23rd, 2014 Now that Dun Realtai has finished its preparations for the winter, its people throw a celebration for all to attend.
The Mysterious Motorcyclist September 21st, 2014 The enigmatic Rider of Blue and his travelling companion, Sieg, pay a visit to Dún Reáltaí's current master... and fellow Master.
A Rider of Blue's Appearence September 17th, 2014 A new Servant and his Master get lost in the Tundra and stumble upon the locals.

Title Date Scene Summary
Two Homunculi (Sieg & Mordred) October 6th, 2014 A phone call!
Story of a Knight I (Sieg) October 4th, 2014 Sieg dreams about the late Saber of Black.