Sifu Jarvis (Toph Beifong)

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Sifu Jarvis (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 21 August 2013
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: Toph begins her first Braille lessons with the strictest teacher of them all.
Cast of Characters: 20

"Miss Beifong." The calm voice of the electronic butler makes the blind girl sigh as she sits up a little straighter in her seat, even as the voice continues. "Please pay proper attention. If you would place your hands back on the keyboard, we will repeat the letters we have gone over."

There's a tired look on Toph's face as she does as Jarvis instructs. Sure, Tony had talked about this weeks ago, about how she should learn how to read and write, but now that it's an actual reality, she didn't know it would be so /tedious/. Learning earthbending was far more fun. Far more movement, far less... sitting. Why, she's not even to move her fingers over this 'keyboard' thing that Jarvis controls as he does something to make it change, a series of different patterns of dots brushing against sensitive fingertips.

"Repeat after me. T."

"T." Four dots leaning up to the right.


"O." Three dots pointing to the right.


"P..." she sighs, recognizing the four dots, three on the left and one to the upper right. Next will be the three dots, two over the middle and one to the upper left.


"... H." There they are.

"When placed out in succession," Jarvis continues, "they will spell out T, O, P, H." The blind girl narrows her eyes as she feels the first pattern under her index finger, then the others following to the next three fingers. "And that supposedly spells out my name...?" She still doesn't fully get it. After all, there is no 'P' sound in her name! "As I explained earlier Miss Beifong," Jarvis states, interrupting her before she can repeat her earlier line of questioning, "the Chinese consultants have stated that is the official way of writing your name in English. Which is the chosen language for these lessons considering my own programming and the difficulty of the Chinese language itself. The Braille symbols you need to learn are fewer."

A slight frown crosses the earthbender's face where she sits. Why is her chair so uncomfortable? "... this is going to take ages..." she mumbles under her breath, letting the tip of her index finger brush over those four dots that Jarvis explained is a representation for the 't' sound.

"With all due respect Miss Beifong, it will take even longer than necessary if you do not focus on the lessons that Mister Stark has instructed me to teach you. And he did express the importance of you learning to read and write." At this reminder Toph lets out a huff of air, blowing some of the hair away from her face. "Yeah yeah, Goldie made that quite clear... But I don't see him here learning this bray-whatever with me," she points out with a slightly sour tone as she moves her fingers onto the next pattern, the 'o'. At least she's starting to recognize them easier now. "Mister Stark is busy at the Stark tower with his work. As your commanding officer, he gave you this order for your own good. Now, onto the next lesson. Now we shall look at the words rock, sand, granite, earth.." Toph exhales slightly as the lines underneath her fingers change once more into for some familiar and some unfamiliar patterns, and the electronic butler drones on.

Good thing Toph is so stubborn to actually get this done. If not, Jarvis would have had a far worse time.