Simon Petrikov (Dropped)

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Simon Petrikov (Scenesys ID: 622)
Stay back, Marceline! I have to protect us!
Full Name: Simon Petrikov
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Altered)
Theme: (FC) Adventure Time-2R
Function: Survivor
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Old Actual Age: 47
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Tom Kenny
Height: 5'10" tall Weight: 138 lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: White
Theme Song: Where Everybody Knows Your Name -


Simon Petrikov was once a scholarly man studying to be an antiquarian, with his fiancee, Betty Grof. After the discovery of a cursed and powerful magic crown, his life and his mind both fell apart. He lost Betty, and the magic of the crown gradually altered his body, and even began to errode his sanity. Eventually, all he could do was wander the world looking for his "princess", Betty. But then the Mushroom War happened, the world was thrown into chaos, and eventually left in ruins. As one of the few surviving humans on planet Earth, a planet that is gradually mutating into what will eventually become the Land of Ooo, Simon seeks both to find his fiancee, and to protect a little girl he came across in the wreckage of the world. Marceline means more to him than his own well-being, and he will do anything to protect her. He will do anything to save her. But as the Crown exerts more and more influence over Simon in exchange for its enormous power over ice and snow, he wonders who is going to save HIM.










HEAT WEAKNESS: Intensely hot environments, particularly very humid ones, interfere with Simon's ability to use the Crown's magic. If he were able to chill such an environment first before entering it, he could operate unimpeded, but he could not use magic to get out of a very hot environment if he is already in one, because it would already be weakening him. He can not fly in such an environment, nor can he perform even the most basic ice magic to defend himself in such. The key factors are both heat AND humidity, though pure heat is also effective if it is high enough.

ICE KING: The Crown's magic keeps Simon alive, but it is making him crazy. His behavior becomes erratic when he is wearing the Crown, he loses his sense of self and the situation, and essentially becomes a different person entirely. That person now has a name and identity of his own: the Ice King. Only the most intense focus and the full weight of Simon's will can stave off the effects. He can control this madness better than he once could, but that is not a good thing. It just means he is integrating it into his psyche on a long-term basis instead of a short-term one, and it is more likely than ever that the Ice King personality will arise when he puts on the Crown.

MENTAL LABYRINTH: There is a labyrinth of mental blocks, sealed memories, and barriers to rational thought that grow increasingly more complex the longer Simon continues to use the Crown. He forgets people's names, confuses them with other people, may say words other than the ones he means to (possibly without even realizing it), and may even forget where or even WHO he is sometimes if he has just worn the Crown recently. His memory lapses are only going to get worse as time goes on as well. (This is not generally something to be considered "fixable". It may or may not be correctable, but it should be treated as an intrinsic part of the character for the time being.)

PRINCESS: Simon, from continued usage of the Crown, has forgotten Betty, or that he ever had a fiancee. However, he still remembers her as his "princess". He has learned that the Crown has erased his memory of Betty, but he remains obsessed with finding her again. His love for her remains intact, and he will follow any lead that can potentially help him find his way back to her. This can potentially either be used to manipulate him or just get him into major trouble.

SIDE-EFFECTS: One of the side-effects of using the Crown includes fundamental magical alterations to his body that do not fully go away even when the Crown is removed. They "stick" more and more with every usage, making him less like a normal human, and also more susceptible to the Crown's influence. These side-effects, in addition to being more susceptible to the Crown, may be non-beneficial in other ways, such as aging his body beyond its years, and impairing physical activities as a consequence.

THE CROWN: If the Crown is knocked off Simon's head, he immediately loses all control over and ability to use its magic. Not only does this leave him defenseless, but he may be dazed or retain some of his erratic behavior for a short period afterwards, making him not even able to defend himself through basic human abilities.


Title Date Scene Summary
Legendary Fight: Fight King June 7th, 2015 While exploring the desolate wilderness of Ohio, various people come across a weird colisseum...
Legendary Fight: Evil Ocean May 21st, 2015 Environmental correction experiments lead to the discovery of just how gunked up the ocean is on Simon's planet.
AWftF: The Fourth Dragon Ball February 25th, 2015 Heroes and villains come together in a ludicrous attempt to retrieve the fourth Dragon Ball.
Hunt for Sovereign February 18th, 2015 Psyber seeks an artifact in an ancient battlefield.
Shadows With Teeth February 1st, 2015 Human bones are found in Slum Urbania. Clearly Simon, Kirito, Tomoe, Kyra Hyral, Nurse Joy, and Ryu should split up and search for clues! There's NO WAY THIS CAN GO WRONG.
Sleepover at Maxine's January 31st, 2015 Maxine oversees Annie and Marcy's sleepover.
Just Right December 28th, 2014 Annie Sandberg and Marceline meet for the first time. Too young? Too old? Nah. Just right!
Krampus Kapers December 21st, 2014 Raven gets hired to stop the Krampus! She winds up needing to recruit some help.
Safety Dog Dance December 8th, 2014 Marceline is bored. Grumble is looking for sausage. Adventures happen!?
Library Adventures Pt. 2 December 1st, 2014 The library: More exciting than expected.
Library Adventures Pt. 1 November 29th, 2014 Simon's memory is fuzzy, and the books in his library might help restore enough of it so that he can get a job and support Marceline. The problem is that his library is back on his post-apocalyptic world, and he isn't a fighter. Enter: The heroes.
Poison Pool Party November 16th, 2014 A ruined city on a ruined world turns out to be less empty than it seems at first glance, as Union, Confederate, and Unaffiliated forces investigate a mysterious explosion.


Title Date Scene Summary
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