Sindragosa (Dropped)

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Sindragosa (Scenesys ID: 653)
"You are FOOLS to have come to this place! The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!"
Full Name: Sindragosa
Gender: Female
Species: Frostwyrm
Theme: (FC) World of Warcraft: WotLK-1
Function: Queen of the Frostbrood
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Deceased (Undead) Actual Age:
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Lani Minella
Height: ~55' (Dragon); 5'9" - 8' (Elven Guise; varies) Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color: Ice Blue
Theme Song:


Once the beloved consort of Malygos, the Guardian of Magic, Sindragosa was forever changed after she was abandoned by her own kind and left to die in the freezing wastes of Northrend. Unable to reach Dragonblight -- the land where all dragons seek a peaceful death -- she died alone, tormented by grief and pain until madness took over her mind. Yet even the grave did not grant eternal rest as she hoped. Long after her demise, she was raised into an undead monstrosity by the Lich King, and damned to serve his will for the rest of her days. As his greatest Frostwyrm, she brings to his armies a formidable talent for magic, an icy breath like the blizzards of Northrend itself, and all the intellect, wisdom, and power she cultivated in her centuries of life. Cruel, haughty, and hateful, and subject to fits of rage, Sindragosa nevertheless serves the Lich King as his faithful and effective vanguard, bringing his power to new worlds through the expansion of her malicious Frostbrood.



BLUE DRAGON: As a member of the Blue Dragonflight, Sindragosa possesses a scholarly mind, and a mastery over her world's magic. She can cast general offensive spells such as arcane blasts and fireballs, open portals to known regions, and is adept at learning and putting to use new information. She is thousands of years old, and bears all the wisdom and intelligence cultivated in that great span of time. (Portals may require consent.)

FROSTWYRM: Sindragosa is undead, and shares many typical undead traits. She does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, and rest is only required to recharge her magical power. Her wounds regenerate, a process sped up if she eats the living or recently-dead, and her physical ability is overall enhanced. Her intelligence and memory is retained from her previous life, as is much of her power, but her will is enslaved to the Lich King. She is considered a "greater undead" by general standards.

UNCHAINED MAGIC: Spellcasters may find their own magic turned against them. As a natural defense, any amount of arcane power used on Sindragosa could be returned to its caster in the form of a magical backlash. This does not negate any spells, and is only a retaliatory act.

FROST AURA: Freezing cold emits from Sindragosa at all times. Those who lack resistance to cold temperatures will find her close presence uncomfortable, even damaging. This aura can be magically strengthened into a blast of concentrated wind and ice extending in all directions.


FROST BREATH: Like all Frostwyrms, Sindragosa can turn her breath into a weaponized tempest of wind, ice, and snow. Lesser enemies may find themselves frozen solid if caught in the worst of it. She has sufficient control to shape this attack into either a narrow line, or a widespread cone. Both forms can reach enemies up to sixty yards away. (Freezing may act as a stun attack or debuff; consent may apply.)

COMBAT: Even grounded, Sindragosa is a dangerous opponent. Rending claws, crushing jaws, bludgeoning wings, and a sweeping tail can all be utilized to devastating effect.

ICY GRIP: Sindragosa can summon powerful winter winds to draw her enemies into range of either her claws or her frigid aura. This is especially effective against flighted opponents.

FLIGHT: Though undead and hardly more than a ragged skeleton, Sindragosa remains a skilled and strong flyer capable of keeping on course even in the worst conditions. She's too large to turn on a dime, but is otherwise fast and maneuverable.

ENCHANTING: Accessories and equipment may be imbued with Sindragosa's magic to produce various effects. See +info Sindragosa/Enchantments for more details.

ELVEN GUISE: Sindragosa may choose to appear as a high elven woman in situations where her true form may be undesirable. She often retains her dragon form's sweeping horns, making her identity unmistakable, but even with these disguised, she may provoke an instinctive unease in those around her, making it difficult for her to truly hide who she is.


ICECROWN CITADEL: The Lich King's seat of power also serves as Sindragosa's home and sanctuary. Breaching the Citadel requires a concerted effort, and so it's here that she's free to conduct her research, recover her health, and contemplate her madness.

THE LICH KING: The Lich King's power protects Sindragosa against mind control and other similar effects. His whispers can be heard by her no matter where she is, and though she cannot communicate with him in return, she is never separated from his influence. (Rare exceptions may apply.)


ICECROWN FORCES: In addition to acting as her primary shelter, Icecrown Citadel provides Sindragosa with limited access to the Lich King's undead forces. At her service are packs of hunger-driven low-level Scourge (PL 0 - 25), a few more capable Death Knights (PL 20 - 28), and her two prime guardians, the Frostwyrms Spinestalker (PL 30) and Rimefang (PL 31). These two share Sindragosa's icy breath and combat skills, but are not magic users, and are less cunning and intelligent.


UNDEAD: Holy powers, fire powers, and powers meant to confine or harm undead are all more effective against Sindragosa than other powers. Strong wards against evil or undead may also prevent her entry somewhere, and she is overall weaker on sanctified ground. Anyone capable of sensing undead will always recognize her no matter her form.

ENSLAVED: Sindragosa is subject to commands issued by the Lich King. Though she has autonomy, he may sometimes call upon her to fulfill certain tasks, and she can never deny him, even if her obedience puts her at odds with other allies, or puts her in great danger.

SPELLCASTER: As a magic-user, Sindragosa's abilities may be inhibited by anti-magic effects. Some of her spells require verbal incantations, and silencing effects may slow or outright nullify these spells.

FLIGHTED COMBATANT: Sindragosa is most effective from the air. If grounded, she is less maneuverable, and may be less able to protect herself. If caught inside a confined space, she may be unable to protect herself at all.

BROODMOTHER: Sindragosa is protective of her "offspring", and vengeful against those who do them harm. She is also eager to expand her brood, and has a tendency to hunt down or focus her attentions on any enemy dragons, to the potential detriment of other objectives.

MADNESS: Sindragosa's death was a long and torment-ridden experience which left her mental and emotional control decayed. She is susceptible to fits of rage or confusion, and may fail to separate friend from foe in the duration.


Title Date Scene Summary
Attack on Boston February 11th, 2015 Kongou, reverted to Ko-Class by her earlier sinking, is turned against her former allies in a gamble by Samar. With the aid of his Union allies, Psyber is forced to fight against Confederate and Abyssal forces to get his friend back.
Team Magma Attacks the Wailord February 8th, 2015 Nurse Joy (of Team Magma) tries to help the Team disrupt a Wailord migration. Then, all hell breaks loose.
The Ascent January 21st, 2015 Helgen is overrun by an undead army preparing to assault Skyrim. Heroes answer the call, and come face to face with the Lich King's greatest creation: Sindragosa, Queen of the Frostbrood.
The Mount Anthor Mystery January 8th, 2015 Rumors lead adventurers to Skyrim's Mount Anthor, where it is said unusual undead have awoken to cause havoc. They find a trapped dragon, and the realization that this incident may be part of something bigger.


Title Date Scene Summary
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