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Sinon (Scenesys ID: 649)
"I think I like what I'm feeling, even though it's such a surprise."
Full Name: Shino Asada
Gender: Female
Species: Human (D.Avatar)
Theme: (FC) Sword Art Online-1
Function: Defrosting Sniper
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20)
Groups: Gatecrashers Union
Other Information
Physical Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Still Aging?  ? Voice Actor: Miyuki Sawashiro / Michelle Ruff
Height: 161cm Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Black (Pale Teal) Eye Color: Grey (Pale Teal)
Theme Song:


The cool and calm Sinon, real name Shino Asada, is the namesake sniper of the VRMMO Gun Gale Online. Although she will always find her mark with her namesake weapon, the <<PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II>>, these days she turns her sights towards far more merciless pursuits than cold, methodical sniping. Having befriended Kirito, Asuna and others, the fragile and timid Shino is slowly coming out of her shell. Nonetheless, she remains the person who defended her mother- herself timid and traumatized from the car crash that claimed the life of her husband- from a crazed armed robber. The scar of killing that man with his own gun will always mark her, but she has learned the meaning of strength and friendship. 'Shino Asada' and 'Sinon' are united, and she is now a happy ally of the Gatecrashers Union.










REAL BODY: If using FullDive, Sinon's actual human body is prone and not concious of her surroundings. She is unable to defend herself unless the AmuSphere registers an environmental hazard (such as smoke, for example).

WANDER MODE SYNTHESIS: Due to the fact that Sinon's real, human body and her digital avatar are combined during Wander Mode, damage to one is reflected on the other. It is not 1:1, but being hurt or injured will give her scaled down levels of pain or even physical injury that will take appropriate recovery time to heal from.

PTSD: Sinon has experienced traumatic events in her past. Although she has overcome this fear to some degree due to her experiences in GGO, it remains to be seen if severe, stressful circumstances may cause her to relapse. She defended herself and her mother from an armed gunman and killed him with his own weapon when she was very young, and this trauma was engraved into her mind- his face haunts her memories. Guns remind her of the day she killed someone, and that face and his terror is the true form of her mental scar.

LONG DISTANCE FIGHTER: As a sniper, Sinon tends to 'fight' from a distance. In a large encounter with many other people, she can only concentrate on taking out one opponent at a time, and relies on her allies to deal with any others. As well as this, she has no melee skills and her other sidearms are not capable of taking out another opponent anywhere near as well.


Title Date Scene Summary
Of Imps and Cait Sith. April 10th, 2016 Cirra, AKA Palmira the Imp, got left behind in the Capital City of Aurun.

Silica and Sinon go to get her out!

Hunting the Most Dangerous Bug March 25th, 2016 A dangerous tyranid finds itself in the rare situation of being prey, as Sinon and Karian hunt down the final shred of a hive fleet.
Reassure Me March 23rd, 2016 Sinon still has nightmares sometimes.
Security Patch December 30th, 2015 Nasa strikes up a conversation with Sinon about the ramifications of personal safety.
Grinding the Morning Away December 29th, 2015 Alden wanders into ALO. Reker, meanwhile, has a cunning scheme.
Redeem the Christmas Renegade December 22nd, 2015 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has a very important quest.
And So You're Back From Outer Space December 2nd, 2015 ...So where HAS Sinon been for four months, anyway?
Three Points on a Triangle, Two Benches August 26th, 2015 And then Kirito gets involved.
Most Wanted: Kyouji Shinkawa August 20th, 2015 The morning after the BoB, Tomoe and Sinon track down one member of the Death Gun partnership- and her ex-best-friend.
Sinon Lives a Hard Life August 18th, 2015 Betty and Veronica talk about that elephant over there in the corner of the room. You know the one. The one who dresses in black because he thinks it makes him look so cool.
Sinon Still Lives a Hard Life August 18th, 2015 After talking to Asuna, Sinon talks to a whole bunch more people.
Extra Scene: Bullet of Bullets August 7th, 2015 What happened between Kirito, Sinon and Asuna as they sat in that rusting ship before the battle with Sterben?
Clearing Up Loose Bullet Casings August 6th, 2015 Directly following the BoB, it's time to go check on Asada Shino. Interesting things occur. (Part of this scene takes place after scene #2718.)
GGO: The Bullet of Bullets August 1st, 2015 The main event.
Contains Spoilers July 31st, 2015 After a wild and chaotic discussion on the radio, where Sinon finally comes clean to the Gatecrashers about her fears that they're all a clique of people screwing with her, Kirito meets with her to tell her the truth- the whole truth. He fails to do so. Things go off the rails.
Death Gun May 13th, 2015 In the preliminary lobby... a grim and horrible specter lurks.
And the Crowd Goes Wild April 18th, 2015 The appearance of a new World Raid Boss has the Gatecrashers scrambling to get the kill before other raiding groups can. But the appearance of a dark figure shrouds any victory celebrations with macabre horror.
Down the Tubes March 24th, 2015 Sinon and Asuna meet for the first time in the most obvious way- a rip-roaring, life-threatening adventure in the dungeon depths beneath SBC Glocken.
Bullet of Bullets: Amalie vs Karian March 17th, 2015 The Bullet of Bullets preliminary matches! Amalie versus Karian, two heavy armor, heavy weapon specialists duke it out in a battle of endurance and destruction!
Meeting of Myths March 14th, 2015 Sinon seeks out Tomoe, ne Eisen, with some curious questions.
Bullet of Bullets - SIGNUP! March 7th, 2015 Get yourself signed up for the rootinest, tootinest, definitely most shootinest contest of the year!
Hecate February 28th, 2015 The Gatecrashers meet Sinon. Bullets are fired. Lots of them.
Gun Gale Online February 22nd, 2015 Several months ago, Kirito meets Sinon for the first time.


Title Date Scene Summary
Blazing Bullet (Sinon) August 2nd, 2015 Synthesis.
She Has To Overcome Her Fear (Sinon) March 15th, 2015 What's a friend? Is it something you shoot?
Her Actual World (Sinon) February 28th, 2015 The life of Shino Asada.