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Smaug (Scenesys ID: 689)
I am fire, I am rage, I am death! All will know my name!
Full Name: Smaug
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Theme: (OFC) Middle Earth: The Third Age-1
Function: Rage of the North
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Young Dragon(?) Actual Age: Guess
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Height: 18 Feet (Shoulder) Weight: Heavy
Hair Color: Red Scales Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: You Will Never Break Me - Erik Ekholm


From the Withered Heath he sprang, and from the North he came. Without warning Smaug descended upon Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, in a frenzy. Within the mountain, Thain had amassed so much treasure that the dragon had come to take it all. However, on this day, Smaug failed in his assault. The people of Erebor and Dale both believed that their wealth would attract a dragon someday, and they were prepared. Driven off by a black arrow lodged in his shoulder, the dragon was eventually found by a Confederate who believed they would be able to tame, and control, the dragon. Brought back to the Citadel, the arrow was removed, and they found a far more intelligent dragon than believed. Desperate for wealth, power, and even allies, Smaug threw his lot in with them for a chance to be able to eradicate Erebor someday. Allies that come across this creature would find that he loves to hear himself talk, to go on at length about his strength, his fire, all the weapons his body bears. He'll go on at length about his goals, his biases, and anything that catches his fancy. To hear others agree with his musings will find that he will soak up such thoughts, and compliments, leading to his ire not being brought against select people. Enemies, and anyone that would stand between him and his goals, will find only fire, rage, grief, and pain.










Gilded Greed: Smaug loves gold. He loves treasure. He wants more of it for his hoard and will do just about anything to gather more. The temptation of a high amount of gold in one place will cause the dragon to race off without regard for what he may have been in the middle of doing. His pursuit will last until he makes an attempt to steal all of it with total disregard to the potential threats of what may be guarding the gold he's trying to take.

Thieves In The Night: The dragon's lust for treasure and gold is even more severe for the items that he has in his hoard. Anyone that does the research to both find his hoard, and steal from it, will find that Smaug is a relentless pursuer that will not give up on retrieving what was stolen. Such individuals would be able to draw the dragon out with little effort, so long as they put the effort in to get a piece of that hoard.

Strike From Below: Like many dragons of Middle Earth, Smaug has a vulnerability that can be exploited to fend him off. While the scales across his form are as hard as iron, the scales along his underbelly are far less durable and can be pierced by weaponry meant to pierce and puncture. Weapons built specifically for dragonslaying will also be extremely effective against these scales as well.

Dragon's Ire: Even without stealing from Smaug's hoard, many will find out that the dragon's temper is quick to flare, will burn bright, and simmer for quite some time after any sort of prolonged irritation. It is rare he will forget about those that cross him and often, if he cannot deal with someone quickly, plots will form to be rid of them in the long run. He is a dragon, after all, he has plenty of time to wait.

Wrecking The Halls: With so many worlds full of humans and similar, Smaug can often have difficulty getting around in the cities and buildings made for the smaller races. Attempting to fit into these structures, or other obstacles can be problematic at best and hazardous at worst. Additionally, Smaug is also a is a very heavy creature. With his massive weight, he has to be careful of places that cannot support him. Any kind of natural or artificial terrain could be problematic if he doesn't fly instead.

Enemy of Men: While many across Middle Earth fear dragons, they are still a threat to the safety of kings and their kingdoms. As such, after Smaug's failed assault on Erebor, a price was placed on his head. To slay Smaug and return proof of his death to the King Under The Mountain would receive their weight in gold. This has caused many heroes from Middle Earth, and now the Multiverse, to seek out the dragon to attempt to kill him.


Title Date Scene Summary
Pyramid Raid July 31st, 2015 Smaug comes upon a pyramid with treasures within, however, while attempting to discern how to break into the pyramid, a visitor comes to him with questions, and possibly a way for the dragon to achieve what he desires.
AWftF: If A Man Cannot See May 10th, 2015 Kakarot takes his assault on the infrastructure of Reptilon to its highest point, the Citadel, intending to try to kill as much of the core leadership of Reptilon as possible.
AWftF: If A Man Cannot Eat May 4th, 2015 Kakarot and his lieutenants attack Fern Valley in an attempt to destroy the planet's breadbasket. If a man cannot eat, he cannot fight.
The Meeting of the Scales February 5th, 2015 Genghis Rex gets acquainted with Smaug
So Far Away From Home January 31st, 2015 The Dravanian Horde comes out once more, taking flight against a poor farmers town, and the best of the Multiverse come to match them. Though the Dravanians are not the only ones to march this day.


Title Date Scene Summary
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