Sona Buvelle (Dropped)

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Sona Buvelle (Scenesys ID: 586)
Maven of the Strings
Full Name: Sona Buvelle
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) League of Legends-1
Function: "What masterpiece shall we play today, Summoner?"
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (22-Last Chancers)
Other Information
Physical Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Erin Fitzgerald
Height: 5'6" Weight: 120lbs
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Amongst the many musicians of Runeterra, there is one who has grown to become much more: Sona, the Maven of the Strings. An Ionian orphan left with a mysterious instrument, she would find herself adopted by a wealthy Demacian Noble, Lestara Buvelle. Under her tutelage, Sona developed her unique psychic talents and found the power of magic through music. Born mute, she expresses her artistic soul through music, her abilities allowing her to pluck the strings of hearts and emotions as easily as she dances along her instrument. Outwardly serene and calm, inwardly she bears many scars of growing up without the love of parents, and the death of her adoptive mother. More darkly, she at times shows ruthlessness upon the field of battle, using it as an outlet for all of her pent up emotions. Already famous, she joined the League of Legends to spread her music even further upon the Fields of Justice. Now joining the Union, she intends to continue to play and inspire her new companions even as she seeks to gain the close connections she never had growing up, acting as battlefield support and healer just as she has in the League even as she fights to control her growing addiction to her manipulative powers.










Mute: Sona was born with defective vocal chords, and cannot speak. A source of some frustration for her, Sona has worked hard to try and learn to better communicate with those around her through alternative means. This include sign language and psychic communication. Though able to contact psychically with sufficiently powerful individuals doing so is often an afterthought.

Troubled: Sona, despite the appearance she tries to maintain, is a troubled individual. Her upbringing, the death of her patron by her own instrument, and her own personal insecurities and lack of experience in communication has left her deeply wanting for both personal contact with others, and yet somewhat awkward in execution. Unable to express herself in voice, she turned to song, pouring her troubles into passionate music. She yearns deeply to inspire emotions in others, and be inspired in turn, nearly addicted to the very act of doing so. It leaves her with very strong ties to those who both show love, and hate bordering on obsession.

Frail: Sona was born somewhat frail. She is less able to take physical punishment than more hearty Champions, and her physical strikes are not even above average for a human. This also leaves her more susceptible to illness and physical exhaustion, long concerts and battles threatening her with fainting should she be sufficiently taxed. (Endurance cannot exceed 6)

Open Mind and Soul: Due to her inner openness, Sona is more easily harmed by strikes that affect the mind and soul. Her empathy and desire to share herself with others also leaves her emotions vulnerable to manipulation, though this does leave dissonance in her own inner music, and she is often therefore able to tell she's being manipulated, if not necessarily stop it.

SUMMONERS CODE: Sona is a Champion with the Institute of War, and is required to fight in the Fields of Honor from time to time. This can leave her missing for days at a time while a conflict of some sort or another is handled back home. She is also bound to a code of decency while representing the Institute, and repeated and continued toxicity and negative behavior towards her teammates in the Union could mean suspension and restriction of support from the Institute.

Empathy Addiction: Sona has an increasing addiction to using her powers to manipulate the emotions of those around her. From harmless uplifting of spirits, pranks such as instilling fears of mundane objects, to sending others into the heights of joy and depths of despair, the pure power she feels and enjoyment of how others' emotional states 'sound' to her empathy is an outlet for her stresses and frustrations. Given how poorly she handles stress, this is something she turns to increasingly often to find joy.

Frustration and Violence: Sona deals poorly with stress, and often must fight to maintain her inspiration. Too much stress piling on from combat, the League, and times of low inspiration may lead to her lashing out physically or mentally at those around her, or even her own living quarters. This has implications in battle as well, as during desperate times and long periods of stress she becomes increasingly violent. Long losing streaks in the League, a lack of progress in her compositions, and the battles alongside the Union most easily induce stress to the point of her showing a more sadistic streak. She will tend to use her powers to attempt to cripple her opponents both emotionally and physically, striking at opponents in relatively non-lethal areas, and generally draw out fights for the sake of seeing her opponent suffer enough that their inner 'music' is pleasing to her.


Title Date Scene Summary
Reboot: EP 1 The Hunted Survivor February 16th, 2015 Deelel gets a tip off from an old friend about the location of an ISO, thus she gathers help and it's a race against time before General Tesler's troops locate the ISO known as Turing to kill her.
The Aftermath of Combat ft. Jinx and Sona December 14th, 2014 Jinx and Sona talk League stuff and catch up after the fight with Ezreal
Heckmouth 4: The Revenge of Heck October 17th, 2014 Harry Dresden and the Motley Crew end up wrecking a dance hall in the pursuit of He Who Lurks in Shadow
Musical Guest Star October 3rd, 2014 Deelel's hanging out in the Cyber Core when an very strange guest arrives whose not of that world at all the songstress known as Sona.


Title Date Scene Summary
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