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Soundwave (Scenesys ID: 552)
"-You know nothing of loyalty.-"
Full Name: Soundwave
Gender: 'Male'
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: (FC) Transformers-2
Function: Communications Officer
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: N/A Actual Age: 5+ million years old
Still Aging? Technically, yes Voice Actor:
Height: 30 feet Weight: Heavy
Hair Color: N/A Eye Color: N/A
Theme Song:


Soundwave is the spymaster of the Decepticons and one of Megatron's highest-ranked lieutenants. He comes across as an impenetrable wall of stoic presence marked by his unique melotoned voice -- always watching, always listening -- and he perpetuates the perception because the reputation makes his job as an intelligence officer easier. Once abandoned and derelict on the streets of Cybertron, he found purpose in the Decepticon cause and has proven his stalwart loyalty ever since. His systems are designed for monitoring transmissions of all types and he has the exceedingly rare ability of telepathy to monitor the minds of those around him as well. He also commands a squad of smaller Decepticon Mini-Cassettes to enact tasks either for him or alongside him. His lack of a mobile alternate form necessitates planning a retreat in advance, lest he be captured or killed in the attempt, and his mental abilities prove his detriment in large gatherings. Most dangerous of all is his single-minded dedication to the Decepticon cause, where no means are forbidden in pursuit of the ultimate goal -- complete Decepticon rule.










CROWDS: The more people are gathered in one area, the more difficult it is for Soundwave to avoid becoming mentally overwhelmed. He cannot shut off his telepathic ability and the proliferation of digital technology on some worlds only adds to the buzz. He has learned to focus and filter out the majority of the noise, but sudden changes could destabilize his control. The steps to being overwhelmed are usually gradual, beginning with difficulties concentrating on the task at hand and speech far more curt than usual, much closer to his stereotypical G1-cartoon speech. Continued exposure results in an outright inability to think clearly at all, unable to separate his own thoughts from the buzz around him, and his speech becomes notably halting and wandering. There are also physical symptoms such as staggering, headaches, and discomfort with his surroundings. An abrupt spike, applicable when he is already mentally compromised or even when he is perfectly fine, will stagger and stun Soundwave outright -- possibly even dropping his PL level. Once begun, the effect will last until Soundwave leaves the area, though the severity can be lessened if he is able to adequately refocus.

ALTERNATE FORM: Unlike most Cybertronians, Soundwave does not currently have a mobile alternate form and only has average speed in robot form. If he must flee, he requires either sufficient time and distraction to accomplish his retreat on foot, or he needs the assistance of another to extract him quickly.

EXTREMIST: Soundwave is completely and irrevocably dedicated to the Decepticon ideology, some say to the point of single-minded zealotry. He does not care about morality when completing a mission, only that the goal is achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to do this, he will resort to any and all means in the name of expediency no matter how heinous his actions could be perceived. Torture, murder, blackmail, sabotage, and far more are well within his options on handling a given mission. Even other Decepticons may question his loyalty at times, thinking he would turn on a supposed comrade if given the opportunity or reason.

CASSETTICONS: Say what you will about Soundwaves character or lack thereof, he cares deeply about his five Mini-Cassette agents. He sees them as brothers -- family -- and will act to protect their welfare if endangered. Capturing, severely injuring, or using one (or more) as a bargaining chip in negotiations will cause him to adjust his course of action, sometimes to the detriment of all involved. It may also place him in an unwinnable situation between completing the mission or saving the life of one of his agents. It is also an easy way to anger him and break his stoic control and presence, showing more of his true self than he would otherwise reveal. This course of action has its own consequences: he will remember you and get his revenge against you at a future date, sometimes without authorization to do so if the opportunity presents itself.

AVATAR: The technology that generates the Holomatter Avatar is of Autobot origin, and is not entirely familiar to Soundwave. The successful integration of his Avatar form into a given society is dependent upon his own ability to imitate whatever race he has become, and poor integration could have an almost Uncanny Valley effect on others. If imitating a specific person, those who know the person very well may notice the subject acting 'strange'. The vocal imitation is not perfect, as there is a faintly tinny undertone as if hearing the voice through a speaker. Overuse of the generator when active can cause it to short-circuit and possibly even explode, causing damage both physical and mental. The Avatar is not designed for combat, and any sustained injury can cause feedback injury to Soundwave if he is not prepared. Severe enough damage could debilitate him entirely.


Title Date Scene Summary
Rude Awakening June 16th, 2015 Genghis Rex greets a few friends during his recovery.
Lights, Music, Game On May 29th, 2015 Jazz takes Kimberly out for a night on the town! However, they encounter a certain Decepticon along the way.
No Castrum Standing May 9th, 2015 The Castrum within Coerthas has been invaded by a surprise attack. It seems the Dravanian Knights are after Legatus Aries' head. Can everyone save him in time? Or will it be to late?
AWftF: Full Frontal Assault April 26th, 2015 Rex takes the fight to Kakarot, while Yuri leads an infiltration team abroad the Bardock.
All Hail March 26th, 2015 The Garlean Empire hosts a parade procession, and invites its Confederate allies to attend as guests of honour.
Garlemald Party December 20th, 2014 The Garleans are having a party and the members of the Confederacy are invited.
Into The Mountains: Sleeping Fate December 6th, 2014 The Allagan Ruins continue to hold untold mystery and as explorers poke further on the second floor, more dark truths start to be told that only lead to further questions.
Pirates Be Problems September 28th, 2014 Pirates decide to show their displeasure for some new Maelstrom ships in progress.
Lord Of The Inferno September 15th, 2014 Vi'Sharra and the Immortal Flames have hired out assistance from all corners of the Multiverse to deal with a rather large problem. The problem being that of a Primal known as Ifrit. Can they take this massive aetheric creature down? Or will it be they who become BBQ?
See Food Diet September 11th, 2014 A distress beacon is coming from Cybertron. Union, Syndicate, and Confederate alike go to investigate, but find a horde of hungry Insecticons waiting for dinner.
Miner Troubles September 9th, 2014 The miners get spooked by an unknown machine, Gaius Van Baelsar who happens to be in the area, goes to investigate.
Kryptonian versus Magitek August 21st, 2014 A friendly spar match between Zod and one of the Magitek Vanguards.


Title Date Scene Summary
Adapt and Overcome (Soundwave) May 1st, 2015 Soundwave explains recent activity while hard-won new hardware is installed.