Space Station 13-1

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In the distant future of 2560, humanity and several other alien species have taken to the stars. A strange new material named “Phoron” has emerged, riveting the known universe with its odd properties. Phoron is an incredibly efficient fuel source, and thus, is lusted after relentlessly. In addition, it responds well to various chemicals, creating a new wave of powerful medicines. When mixed with oxygen and crafted right, it also makes an extremely effective space-ready bomb.

Megacorporations have gained control of entire solar systems to mine Phoron, most notably a phoron-focused megacorp by the name of NanoTrasen. NT has situated themselves primarily in the Nyx system, a solar system housing a Phoron gas giant. Setting up a space station (the NSS Exodus) close to said giant, they collect Phoron from nearby asteroids, studying the still foreign material as they go. To achieve this, the station employs scientific researchers, security personnel, miners, doctors, engineers and various others, such as bartenders to improve morale.

NT has many establishments around the universe that are quite similar to this, though some are more simple and wholesome, such as the NCS Northen Star, a simple mining colony that has no staggering chief exports, though phoron can be found in relatively low qualities.

(credit goes to Baystation12 and Polaris SS13 servers.)