Spite Has Never Been So Delicious (Pinkie)

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Spite Has Never Been So Delicious (Pinkie)
Date of Cutscene: 03 September 2014
Location: Divided Equestria
Synopsis: Pinkie gets hungry during a Cult meeting.
Thanks to: Chrysanthemum for the vegan meat!
Cast of Characters: 470

God, the meeting was so boring. Yet again Cranky Doodle had managed to rain on everyone's parade and pull the Seven Prophets of the Cult of Laughter together in the dark and gloomy underbelly of Baltimare.

Truth be told as much as he grated on Pinkie she did like him. He just really, really, really, really, really, really, reallyreallyreallyreallyreally needed to lighten up.

Still, there was nothing to lessen the sheer oppressive drudging of time, crawling at the pace of a snail in the chill gloom of the old catacombs, full of skeletons-- enough bones to make the ornate table and thrones of the Cult, and then some.

Candles gutter as the old ass of a man drones on, grumbling and muttering, gesturing emphatically at one prophet or another, making demands and barking orders, the routine snarling of another meeting is interrupted.

It starts slow, rhythmic. An audible grind and mulching of teeth. A tearing of dried, and smoked leathery sinew growing louder and louder in succession as jaws work, the echo of the chamber worsening the sheer grotesque sound of flesh being devoured grows louder and louder.

But the sound was not coming from beyond the chamber. Horrible as the things were that the Cult of Laughter employ in their war against everything, the sound was coming from INSIDE the room, emphasized by the sudden gulp that makes all heads turn. Derpy's lazy eye flits up briefly, Mayor Mare's expression slides to one of bewilderment. Before they all realize just where it's coming from.

With her mask off, Pinkie is free to chow down, slowly working another piece of leathery and cured meat in her teeth.

"... Pinkiiiiieeeee..." Cranky's voice barely restrains the irritation at being interrupted, but the chewing doesn't lessen.

"What's up~?"

"... What. Are you eating?"

The smile was genuine. So wide and full of her own amusement as the pink-haired clown holds out her snack.

"Donkey jerky. Want some?"

Silence descends instantly, and the fluttering look of horror that starts to cross the faces of Equestria's most deranged cult leaders even cracks Cranky's ice wall temperament, drawing a sputtering choke from not just him, but the other four Prophets, and a hissing, rattling cackle from the seventh that only the clown could hear.


A tilt of her head sends pink curls bobbing. "What? It's vegan."

And yet that only seemed to make him explode.


"BUT IT'S VEGAN!" Pinkie insists while scampering from the room, sliding her mask back into place and hissing laughter under her breath.