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The Koprulu Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy is home to a series of bloody conflicts primarily between three different races: the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Zerg. Within each of these races, a multitude of different factions exist that each seek to pursue their own various agendas even if it means taking arms against their own race. One such conflict exists between the dominant Terran Dominion and the various rebel factions that seek to resist and overthrow the Dominion government led by Arcturus Mengsk. The Terran Dominion, itself a revolutionary government after deposing then then ruling Terran Confederacy, seeks to control the entire sector through Peace, Law, and Order. Opponents of the Dominion decry the government as being oppressive and heavy-handed in their attempts to bring peace to the sector while others see the Dominion as a 'necessary' evil to finally bring stability and order to all of the Terran held worlds. Only time will tell if the Terran Dominion will accomplish its goals or if it will be be crushed under the combined weight of Terran rebels, Protoss fleets, and the ever enlarging Zerg Swam.