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Space: The final frontier. Its exploration is a vital focus of culture and technology throughout the twenty-fourth century. Humanity has reached out to countless extraterrestrial races to form the mighty stellar nation of the United Federation of Planets. From its early years struggling with a few planets just trying to survive, its ideals and justice have allowed it to extend freedom and protection to hundreds of worlds and trillions of individuals, taming the dangers of the galaxy and uniting warring races against more pressing threats.

Following in the footsteps of such legendary captains as Jonathan Archer and James T. Kirk of the Starship(s) Enterprise, Kathryn Janeway commands the Starship Voyager. Lost in the Delta Quadrant during a mission of mercy, this small brave ship -- a microcosm of the Federation with its small but diverse crew -- charts the unknown as it desperately tries to return home. Beset by hostile threats of all sorts, both known and unknown, it perserveres through the resourcefulness and determination of its people.

Despite their triumphant return, the Federation are early members of the Union, and their embroilment in the battle against the Confederacy means that Voyager has been called upon to fight for the ideals of its many homelands while attempting to continue plumbing the mysteries of the Multiverse, proving in such trying times that exploration and wisdom are just as valuable as strength of arm. Or phaser.

These are the voyages of the Starship Voyager, boldly carrying on the finest traditions of Starfleet.

OOC: This iteration of Voyager is somewhat non-canon. Several elements have been altered, though this is not by any means a complete or comprehensive listing:

  • The timeline diverts shortly after the first episode of the second season ("The 37's"). Voyager's journey home was cut short by Unification, and through various events it was able to reunite with friendly Federation and Union forces (much to its crew's confusion).
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway is made much more stable, and much less inclined to act inconsistently.
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway's birthdate has also been adjusted slightly to the year 2335, making her 36 years old instead of the 27 indicated by the okudagram in "The Killing Game."
  • Though he still exists in this iteration, Mark Johnson is no longer involved in the story.
  • Encounters with the Borg never occured. Voyager was brought back into friendly territory well before it had the opportunity to cross paths with them.