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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It has been almost a decade since the destruction of the second Death Star over the moon of Endor. The Empire has become but a shadow of itself as the Rebel Alliance disbands peacefully. Its varied members have already put in motion the reformation of the Galactic Republic itself. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker has also sought to found a new Jedi Order, one that combines the teachings of the old with that of new schools of thought.

Fragmented since the final destruction of their Emperor, the Imperial Remnant forces have continued to maintain holdings over whatever sectors they still control, and a project has since been set into motion to put in place not only a new Emperor, but begin the return of the Sith itself in the form of many who still follow the dark side's ways.

However, unlike Palpatine's Empire before it, the Remnant will find that Master Skywalker's new order of Jedi Knights will be difficult to fight back. With the Force, the all-present energy field through which all life is created, Jedi following either the light and dark will begin their everlasting conflict anew.

Once more, the fate of the galaxy falls within the hands of a select few, Jedi or no...