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The galaxy is vast, so it's surprising how little space there is for misfits. Six races clamor for their place in it: The Humans, vagrant wanderers fleeing a home destroyed by a mysterious bioweapon and whose colonial military seems to be the only central power left for them. The Apex, monkey-like authoritarians whose society has crushed individual freedom in the name of scientific advancement according to the Ministry of Knowledge. The Avians, humanoid birds whose intense religious fervor is slowly driving their society into self-destruction and alienation. The Florans, carnivorous humanoid plants whose psychotic savagery and chaotic spread threatens to overwhelm the galaxy with numbers and blood. The Hylotl, an amphibious race fighting a losing war against the Florans and too prideful to consolidate or work with the other races. And the Glitch, a semi-hivemind of robots trapped in medieval values, systematically destroying any chance for their own survival or advancement in the name of unity. Fueled by faster-than-light travel and agitated by the relics of an ancient predecessor race that has mysteriously disappeared, the galaxy slowly begins to decay.