Starless Night

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Starless Night (Scenesys ID: 336)
"Just lay back. Relax. Tell me what troubles you, and we can make sure you're never troubled again."
Full Name: The Widow of Starless Night
Gender: Female
Species: Kugutsu(appears Human)
Theme: (OC) Tenra Bansho Zero-1
Function: Assassin Doll
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (Unaffiliated)
Groups: Human Resources
Other Information
Physical Age: 20ish Actual Age: Over 100
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5' Weight: 107 lbs
Hair Color: Black(variable) Eye Color: Black(variable)
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Once the tool of a ninja clan, the Widow of Starless Night is a kugutsu, an artificial being of wood and illusion that appears to be human, used as an assassin and spy. Honing her skills in ninjutsu to a fine edge, Starless Night later expanded her abilities to include the control of symbiotic insects and worms that grant her supernatural abilities, to go with her ability to draw others into a dream world. Selfish, sly, and with a desire for security at any price, she slew her owner and fled into the Multiverse to secure a base of power, where her abilities to speak with and understand others lead her to take up the position of advisor and therapist to those in need of such as a cover for the assassination business she runs.



Ninja Duplication: Starless Night has thoroughly mastered the Ninja Duplication Technique, allowing her to create clones of herself from paper dolls. These clones vary from mere images that mimic her movements, to superior clones that act semi-independently and can perform the same activities as Starless at a reduced ability. This allows her to operate on multiple activities at once. Killing an inferior clone has no effect, but killing an independent superior clone will backlash some of the damage back onto Starless. (Superior clones operate with Multiple Discrete Actions)

Infiltration: Using a combination of her ninja magic and her annelids, Starless can mimic the voice and appearance of others through disguise. She is adept at picking up cues and hints from conversation and body language, in order to maintain a cover identity. Starless is also highly skilled in the art of stealth and sneaking, which when combined with her infiltration skills gives her excellent mobility in secret.


Butterfly Dream<CONSENT>: Starless can attempt to use this on a sleeping person or(with more difficulty) on a waking being. This creates a dream-space where Starless can speak with and interact with the victim. Use of this power cannot bring physical harm to the victim(it is merely a dream and causing any real damage in the dream breaks it), and it is not a mind-reading technique, but she can have several hours of conversation in the span of a few seconds of real time. This allows her to interview the victim and, if she is convincing enough, learn their motivations and goals and details of their life. Normally, the victim does not remember the conversation, but it is possible to remember it, and very common for vague impressions and feelings of Starless to be left behind. It is normally used to interview victims that she intends to take the place of with her disguise techniques.

Blade Princess: A master of the martial art of Crescent Moon Blade Tactics, this gives Starless Night great skill in the sword in a style of anticipating the opponent's moves. She is also adept at thrown weapons or hand to hand combat.

Annelids: A number of symbiotic organisms are inside Starless. Aside from the abilities covered in other entries, these give her a hidden chitinous armor under her skin, natural weaponry in the form of spines and whiplike webbing that can be used at range, and the ability to shoot webbing to hinder or possibly immobilize foes.

Ninjutsu: Starless Night has other ninja skills less potent than her duplication. These focus upon misdirection(smoke/flash bombs, mist, etc), enhanced mobility in the form of wall-running, climbing, jumping, and other non-magical means of movement, and supernatural senses.


Gemblade: A sword of scarlet steel, this Gemblade can briefly enhance its power and sharpness beyond the natural laws of the world. This requires special ammunition loaded in a clip with an automatic mechanism.

Ninja Equipment: Typical supplies for infiltration and ninja combat: rope, caltrops, makeup, a lot of shuriken, knives, and other minor incidental objects a ninja would be expected to have along these two themes.

Minor Superhumanity: Her strength, speed, and endurance are remarkable compared to a normal human, though Starless's physical abilities are not on par with beings from her own world concentrating on such abilities. This does allow her to cover ground very swiftly outside of combat.

Minor Annelids: Some of the annelids Starless holds have very minor effects, such as increased pain resistance or allowing her to light up an area with bioluminescence. The others merely support her existing skills.


Control Freak<TROUBLE>: Starless Night is no longer a well-balanced individual. Obsessed with her own personal security and control of her own life, she tends to unravel and make poor decisions if her initial plans falter, or if she is baited into a sense of insecurity. Thwarting her plans leads to increasing escalation of her attempts to regain control without regard to keeping any cover she has, and can make it harder for her to maintain or achieve secondary objectives. Taunting her insecurities can likewise result in more rash action than her normal planning, in particular referencing her past as property, her nature as a kugutsu(if known), or threatening the security of her home or the few people she cares about.

Annelid Needs<SIGNIFICANT>: The symbiotes inside Starless need special behaviors and diets. Most of these are minor and simple, but they can become a danger to maintaining her cover. These are simple ones like fresh water or fresh fruit intake, or avoiding spicy food. The exception is that Starless requires a very regular intake of fresh blood. While it doesn't need to be human blood, it's an unusual need that can mark her presence in an area.

Created Beings<SIGNIFICANT>: The one gap in her heartless nature, Starless tends to give much more benefit of the doubt to created beings who rebel against their masters. She'll got a bit more out of her way to help them, even sometimes endangering herself or her mission.

Kugutsu<MINOR>: In her home world, Starless is legally property. Very expensive property. Anyone learning how valuable she is and how it is perfectly legal to sell her to the highest bidder would be a major thorn in her side, and she will endeavor to keep that quiet by any means necessary.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Punishing Typhoon April 12th, 2017 A factory for making slave workers is being assaulted by a strange new heroine. Ish.
Be Careful What You Wish For January 7th, 2017 A new leader is horribly oppressing his people, leading to a military coup. Or... is it?
The Puppet War November 11th, 2016 A newly-crafted kugutsu is about to awaken, and as usual the War Bride starts... a war. This time, others are curious.
Getting the Ley of the Land June 16th, 2016 Something bad is happening near Lazlo.
Human Resources Day Off( June 2nd, 2016 In which our vacationers learn to read the fine print on their contracts; or: In HR, vacation is just a euphemism for double pay work day.
Eastern Deva Match: Kazuko vs. Lu-Mey February 12th, 2016 Eastern Deva Kazuko versus challenger Lu-Mey! Bugs and crazybones versus polearms and regular bones! Also, politeness.
Healing Heart October 12th, 2015 Starless helps Sanary with getting over some of her trauma. Probably.
FATE: Below his Station June 28th, 2015 Aulus Rem Vulso of the Garlean Empire seeks to test war machines in the East Shroud.
The Last Color Of The Rainbow March 22nd, 2015 "Killing him would only be doing him a mercy."
The Bittersweet Taste February 8th, 2015 Lu-Mey leads the strike on Castle Igarashi. Last fortress stronghold of the regent that wronged her so many years ago.
Welcome To Human Resources February 1st, 2015 Yari meets her bosses. Confusion and hazing ensue.
And Tonight's Camp Game is... November 10th, 2014 Lu-Mey organizes a fun camping trip for The Confederacy! Complete with activities and s'mores!
How To Make A Doctor Regret Everything August 3rd, 2014 The Confederacy puts a stop to Dr. Jacob Jaymingson's illegal operations and acquire a new assassin.


Title Date Scene Summary
Worldly Desires (Starless Night) April 14th, 2014 The hundred year assassin reassesses her priorities.
Regrets? (Starless Night) August 17th, 2013 Starless Night reflects on the superfaction she just joined.


Lu-Mey - Of all the people she knows, Lu-Mey is the only one that Starless can be said to 'care for' in the traditional sense. The actual relationship she has with the oni is complex and multi-layered, but there is a certain amount of favoritism and even, to a small degree, trust that she extends to the dancer. Lu-Mey is the only person that Starless will go out of her way to help for no benefit to herself, and one of the very few who will receive sincere words of comfort if needed. The word 'friendship' is the closest that can be said about their relationship, though Starless Night herself is still coming to grips with the concept.

Charity Whiteheart - Although she will not admit it, Starless understands some of what Charity is going through, and feels some uncertainty over what to do about it. Charity's debt and sense of honor give Starless a murky admiration, and the woman's skill and abilities are exceedingly useful. She is considering her for XO of Human Resources, but Charity's willing subservience to another is something Starless is wary about.

Human Resources - Starless sees this group as her new power base and a means to provide security to herself. She really could care less about most of the members, in a personal sense, but her own history means she is unlikely to treat them as expendable. She will, in fact, give them pleasantries and small favors when she can.

Hana Umikazeno - Starless has little opinion on Hana, for the most part, beyond being a competent and valuable asset on missions. Hana's recent actions to aid Lu-Mey without charge have somewhat ingratiated the oni to Starless's feelings, and Starless now considers Hana something of a kindred spirit. She will be positively disposed, but keeps it a professional matter.

Mari Hime - Curiosity is the greatest emotion Starless feels toward Mari. The other kugutsu's open and sincere helpfulness to others is alien to Starless, but of more interest is her origin and how she came to be how she is, along with what she will become.

Onikaze Kenshin - Kenshin is a tolerated curiosity, and his relationship with Mari Hime has lead to a large amount of mingled jealousy, hatred, and admiration all at once. Starless is not sure if Mari is playing Kenshin, or Kenshin is possessive of Mari, or if something else is going on. It frustrates her, but so long as the swordsman is not bothering her she tolerates his presence where she is operating.