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Steve (Scenesys ID: 803)
I should have never installed that zombie brain on that golem. I swear it's been staring at me in my sleep, lately.
Full Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Minecraft-1
Function: Thaumaturgist
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-30s Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 184 cm Weight:
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: cat - c418


Long had he struggled in a world with few tools to survive. Steve had been through it all, had seen worlds end and be reborn. Building rough facsimiles from distant memory had grown boring ages ago, and the creatures that inhabited the night made his monuments short-lived, regardless of his efforts. As far as he knew, he was the only true intelligence in this land, so he had no one to share his creations with - the closest thing to other humans, the villagers, merely honked their nonsensical cacophony at his attempts at conversation. One morning, he once again materialized in a boringly unspoiled landscape, and prepared to repeat what had become dimly routine, when he stumbled upon a glowing crystal, set in stone, the likes he had not seen. The discovery that his world had changed set him on a course he could have never predicted in his lifetimes; of magic, enacted through curious devices, that empowered him to control his environment, as well as unify and anchor his land to a corner of the multiverse, granting it some degree of permanence. The unanswered question is what price he will pay for it, and how far down the rabbit hole will he dare to travel.










WARP: The price of much deeper understanding of the otherworlds, as Steve has discovered from his research, is called warp. A fitting term, as to attempt to comprehend the previously unimagined and intangible has effects on both an unwitting practitioner in body and mind. Warp is an intangible force that worms itself into the unwary one's very being, often while engaging in taboo research, creating devices of a questionable nature, or even when drawing upon his deeper reserves of power. Outside of Steve's own agency, being struck or suffused by certain corrupting types of magic or energy ('dark' types, curses) also can give the foul force inside him feeding stock. For the moment, Steve's warp typically manifests as intense but fleeting headaches, occasionally clouded vision, and a magical sickness he has nicknamed Flux Flu, which seems to negatively affect how efficiently he can manipulate magical energies, on top of normal flu effects like fatigue and coughing. Perhaps, more distressingly, something sometimes whispers to him during his headaches. Though he has yet to understand the words precisely, it seems to be tempting him to pursue more power, promising greatness, even as the ancient texts warn of ruin.

EQUIPMENT DEPENDENT: On his own, without weapons, tools or armor, Steve may still have some interesting properties and abilities, but he's ultimately helpless if something were to want to hurt him - as most things that come crawling out at night in his realm seem to. Against the denizens of his world, unarmed and unprotected, he can scarcely damage even the weakest among them with his fists, and it doesn't take much to send him to wherever he goes between incarnations, and this carries over when he wanders the multiverse. For whatever reason, even if it is just a bunch of sticks fashioned into a pitiful rendition of a sword, having equipment is what empowers him, and allows him to have a fighting chance. This might also explain his hoarding instinct.

METICULOUS: Steve dislikes surprises and spontaneity. He also does not care for spending time repeating something, when doing it right the first time would have sufficed. Accordingly, he often engineers and over-plans his projects to take as many contingencies into account as possible, even when he might otherwise be pressed for time and resources. Unfortunately, his world has a way of making a mess of even his most well thought out projects, so it ironically can simply lead to even more waste. You will thank him for installing that lever that releases lava into your garage, for thinking far enough ahead to realize it would be one day be overrun by car gremlins.

MINOR GOD COMPLEX: In any memory recent enough to matter, Steve has seemingly been the only sentient being in his personal universe. He's seen worlds be destroyed, only to transition to a new, unblemished one, which he is apparently expected to shape with his own hands, before it begins again. He seems, for whatever reason, unable to cease existing in the conventional sense, even in the times he would become bored of that existence. While he has some measure of respect for other worlds of the multiverse, he feels a very strong sense of ownership over the one he emerged from, and will give no second thought to disrupting its natural order to suit his needs. Even the humanoid villagers are little more than mindless creatures to him; another resource to be managed. Those he sees as lesser in the multiverse are likely to give him the same first impression.


Title Date Scene Summary
The People Cry Out, Saying 'Such Opulence Cannot Be Allowed!' May 13th, 2016 A callous queen has worked her people to the bone to create four grand statues of herself from precious metals, and made all her subjects show up for the unveiling. The inevitable riot happened, and a 100ft tall bronze statue was stolen in the mayhem.
Tainted City in Flames - Stage 2 February 11th, 2016 A group meeting focusing on building a base.
The Scouring of the Valley December 28th, 2015 A motley group of adventurers from across the Multiverse have assembled in Lordran in order to engage in psychopathi- RIGHTEOUS, I MEAN RIGHTEOUS murder for the benefit of all living beings. Because drakes suck. Oh right, we might be building a sewer system for Blight Town too or something whatever, kill more drakes.
Touhou Kakudai Stage 2 - The Blocks of Home October 6th, 2015 In another attempt at expansion, this time Louise takes her attempt at trying, things go better than expected!
Dead World: Earth 119-610-PB September 30th, 2015 Unsynched old content isn't challenging enough.
Evaluating Land for Ranching June 22nd, 2015 A group goes to look at a chunk of land in the Orre region, to see if it would be a good spot for a Pokemon Ranch.
Barrow Metrics June 12th, 2015 Steve invites Elites from the multiverse to his newly unified world, to help him with a little problem. Having discovered a barrow full of restless fiends, he needs it cleaned out. Promises of loot await!


Title Date Scene Summary
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