Strange Ritual (Elliana Fairchild)

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Strange Ritual (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 11 May 2013
Location: Fairchild Manor Ruins
Synopsis: On Mother's Day, Elliana visits the grave of her mother and voices her doubts.
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: Wrathborn

A single flower falls upon the blackened stones of the manor.

"Still not rebuilt, I see," Elliana says in a soft voice. She'd cleaned out the secret chamber beneath already, of course. She'd done that long ago, before she'd even Unified. She had a new manor now, one that was all her own. Coming back here... it was...


The blonde teenage girl looks just like she belongs though. This is her world. Elliana knows that if she is discovered, if her identity is revealed, the soldiers would be on her. But let them come. Even in her weakened, healing, crippled state, she could slaughter them and escape if she wanted. Her avoidance of battle was a matter of respect, not practicality.

She stares at the single blossom laying on the stones, memories playing out in her mind. The manor burning. The soldiers swarming. Her mother, bloodied and dying, while she was hurried off to safety.

The memories vanish. Elliana couldn't even be sad about them any more.

"Many of the worlds that I stay in have a strange custom, mother," the blonde speaks. "They show respect and love for their mother... alive or dead. I would think it something one should always do, but then... I have not been visiting, have I?"

The wind picks up, blowing a chill, damp breeze through the ruins of the manor. Despite her near-immunity to temperature changes, Elliana tightens her coat about her.

"I will not mince words," she says in a quiet tone. "I will not ask stupid questions. I know you would not be proud of what I have done. I know you would be horrified at the choices I have made, the acts I have performed. I cannot pretend to be righteous. And I respect that. I am a horrible woman. I know this. And I will continue to do things that would make you aghast, I am sure."

The wind dies again, and the scarred face of the once-lovely priestess lowers her eyes, opening one hand to show the delicate fingers. Fingers with thicker nails than they should have, with a subtle narrowing of the bones even as they are stronger. Some might say it is her imagination, that nothing has changed. She knows better.

"I cannot ask for forgiveness, nor even understanding," Elliana finally says, speaking again. "I can only say that... for all the power I have gained, all that I have accomplished... I would give it up. And I would pay all the prices I have paid over again, just to stop that day from happening."

A deep breath, and the girl closes her eyes. "Next time I am here, I may not be the Elliana you knew. I may be... someone else. Some/thing/ else. I want... I want..."

The words fade.

The girl stands there until long after the sun has set. Silently. In the morning, she is gone.