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Street fights are all the rage! Every kid dreams of growing up strong enough to beat their friends to an unconscious heap for the enjoyment of a cheering crowd and cameras, right? Yet surprisingly, this world obsessed with sanctioned violence and blood sports conceals a dark underbelly.

For decades, Shadaloo has attempted to dominate the world. A shadowy organization ruled over by the mysterious Vega, Shadaloo suffered a serious setback when Vega's body was destroyed by Gouki. With him gone, the splinter organization S.I.N (the Shadaloo Intimidation Network) began to pick up the pieces after Shadaloo's dissolution.

Ruled by Seth, who was originally created to be Vega's spare body, S.I.N has brought a distinctly militaristic edge to Shadaloo. Not just engaged in criminal activity, S.I.N has become a player in arms and armaments the world over. No government can afford to be without their cutting-edge tech. Proof of their criminal activities eludes people those servants of justice who seek to stamp out the lingering shadow that Vega has left on the world.

Yet, rumors persist that Vega himself is not yet dead, and will soon be making a move to reclaim what was his... whilst the majority of the world remains completely ignorant of this threat and just wants to know when the next round will begin...

(OOC - This is the world of Street Fighter 4! We use the Japanese names, though. So Dictator is Vega, the Boxer is M.Bison and the spanish ninja is Balrog)