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The World Warrior tournament draws near! The ultimate dream of any martial artist is to win the title of World Warrior, the champion Street Fighter. To that end, martial artists the world over have begun preparing, training, and rigorously pushing themselves for a chance at that title.

But behind the World Warrior tournament lurks a dangerous evil. Vega, leader of the criminal organization Shadowlaw, has his sights set on total world domination. Hoping to exploit the World Warrior tournament to his own advantage, Vega has begun his dark machinations, ready to claim the world as his own. Can his ambitions be stopped? Can the world be saved from Vega's evil?

Street Fighter Legends is based primarily off the UDON comics, rather than the video games. It is set slightly before they begin, allowing prospective appers to app in before stories begin. Names have been changed to reflect the original Japanese. Because UDON includes Rival Schools and other Capcom fighting games, characters from such may be worked into this canon.