Striker Eureka (Dropped)

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Striker Eureka (Scenesys ID: 25)
"Now, you and I are the only ones standing between that ugly bastard and a city of ten million people! So, we've got a choice here! Sit here and wait... or we can grab these flare guns and do something really stupid!"
Full Name: Hercules 'Herc' Hansen / Charles 'Chuck' Hansen
Gender: Male / Male
Species: Human / Human
Theme: (FC) Pacific Rim-1R
Function: Jaeger Team
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (5-Lookout)
Other Information
Physical Age: 44 / 20 Actual Age: 44 / 20
Still Aging?  ??? Voice Actor: Max Martini / Rob Kazinsky
Height: 6' 1 / 6' 0 Weight: 199 lbs / 177 lbs
Hair Color: Red / Brown Eye Color: Blue / Blue
Theme Song: Striker Eureka - Pacific Rim OST


The first - and last - of the cutting-edge Mark V Jaegers, the Striker Eureka is one of a kind - sleek, agile and powerful. Constructed by the Australian branch of the Pan Pacific Defence Corps, Striker Eureka is the product of a one hundred billion dollar investment intended to construct the most powerful Jaeger on the planet. With an unprecedented Kaiju kill record, Striker Eureka has earned its reputation as a humanoid war machine able to stand toe-to-toe with any Kaiju and emerge victorious. Standing seventy six metres in height, with a weight of one thousand eight hundred and fifty tons, Striker Eureka packs a considerable amount of cutting edge anti-Kaiju weaponry into its sleek frame. The nominal pilots of the Jaeger are Hercules and Chuck Hansen, the Steel Bulldogs. A father/son duo, the pair are connected to the war machine and each other by a neural bridge. The combination of Herc's experience and tried and tested methodology with Chuck's stamina and aggressive style has only served to cement Striker Eureka's reputation. Inside the cockpit, the pair move and fight and think in perfect synchronicity, predicting each other's next move before they even think it. But outside the Jaeger, the pair are unable to understand or even communicate openly with each other, divided by a gulf of youth against age, hubris against wisdom, naked aggression against quiet confidence. Of everything that that has led them to where they are, nothing is more detrimental - or dangerous - to Chuck and Herc than that divide between father and son.










VULNERABLE TO EMP: Striker Eureka's primary flaw is one that Jaeger designers dismissed as inconsequential due to their analysis of Kaiju tactics and behaviour. Striker Eureka's systems, all of them, are not hardened to withstand electro-magnetic pulse attacks. A sufficient amount of energy would overload the Jaeger's systems and cause it to completely shut down. This would leave the Jaeger absolutely vulnerable - immobile, blind and unarmed - for several hours until the systems could be rebooted by technical staff.

HUGE: A Jaeger is a massive war machine. It's easy to spot, easy to hit, and easy to hear coming as the ground shakes beneath its feet. Striker Eureka continues this tradition and, while it is the most manoeuvrable Jaeger ever constructed, it is still an easy target for most weapons. Applications for the Jaeger beyond straight up fighting are limited.

DEFENSIVE: Unlike many other war machines, a Jaeger is a weapon designed for defensive measures. Like its less advanced kin, Striker Eureka does not possess any self-repair systems and only has what could be considered limited damage control, primarily to prevent explosive cascades from setting off primary power cells or ordnance. Therefore, any damage that Striker Eureka receives must be maintained inside a Shatterdome, leaving Striker with limited field repair capabilities and limited capacity for extended offensive operations.

DADDY ISSUES: Chuck and Herc Hansen have never truly reconciled following the death of Chuck's mother and Herc's wife in a Kaiju attack on Sydney. Herc has never forgiven himself for saving Chuck and not his mother, and Chuck has never forgiven him either. They rarely talk or act as one expects a father and son to. Suffice to say, there is tension between the father and son pair that PPDC scientists think could affect their neural drift compatibility.

CONTROL HARNESS: Jaeger technology might be impressive, but it's also quite brutal. The Jaeger control harness has sometimes been referred to as a torture machine, and with good reason. With the pilots strapped into the control harness and controlling the Jaeger through their movements, it becomes incredibly tiring and strenuous - not even mentioning the strain of the neural link or resulting feedback from any damage the machine might take. The Jaeger has no autopilot system and requires two drift-compatible pilots to function. It takes time to both embark and disembark from the control mechanism - in a combat situation this could be deadly. Significant blows to the Jaeger's head could also damage the control system.

ONLY HUMAN: As imposing as a Jaeger is, one of its chief flaws is that it is piloted by humans. They are the weak point in the Jaeger's armoured carapace. While the two pilots are ensconced inside the Jaeger's armoured head, the Jaeger's life support systems are minimal. Simply put, no Jaeger was intended to fight in environments that aren't Earth-like - be it underwater or otherwise - and while the Jaeger can pressurise itself and be self-sustaining for several hours, its life support is not unlimited, nor is its capabilities to resist extreme pressures during battle conditions.


Title Date Scene Summary
Writing on the Wall January 3rd, 2015 Yunomi and Chuck Hansen (Striker Eureka) spar in an emptying Shatterdome, Sydney Australia.
The Wind-Up August 18th, 2014 The Rangers of Striker Eureka get a briefing from Yunomi Stadler, and Chuck Hansen briefly is a possum.
OPERATION: SHUTDOWN August 18th, 2014 The Fight for the Valley of Namamura -- Yunomi Stadler comes to take back her home, fighting against the Planet Trade Organization headed by Gohan!
CAT-4:Insurrector July 6th, 2014 Category-4 Kaiju 'Insurrector' launches an attack on Los Angeles. Striker Eureka and Union forces are sent to bring it down - however, Lute has other ideas!


Title Date Scene Summary
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