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The Ancients built a city named Flopside, with the Tribe of Darkness making it's opposite, the darkness to it's light, Flipside. However, the Tribe of Darkness went silent, and were not heard from again.

Many years later, the son of the chief of the Tribe of Darkness became angered at the world and his tribe after he believed the one he loved had died. Stealing the Dark Prognosticus, he unleashed it's power to create a dimension destroying void, destroying his tribe and setting off to destroy the universe which he feels is worthless without his love.

But they say a book of light, the Light counterpart to the Dark Prognosticus, holds the key to prophecy. The key to stopping the dark foreshadowing that the Dark Prognosticus comes. A book that calls for a hero of red, to stomp the evil plight of the Chaos Heart to prevent it from destroying all that stands.