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T-elos (Scenesys ID: 785)
I'll do as I please!
Full Name: T-elos
Gender: Female
Species: Android (?)
Theme: (OFC) Xenosaga
Function: TP-XX Battle Android
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7 - Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: 20? Actual Age: ...
Still Aging? Irrelevant Voice Actor: Mariko Suzuki
Height: 167 cm / 5'6" (plus heels) Weight:
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


The TP-XX 'T-Weapon' anti-Gnosis weapon system, T-elos. Designed for the Galaxy Federation to replace the older anti-Gnosis battle android KP-X 'KOS-MOS', the TP-XX project became superfluous to needs after Unification occured. Vanishing for a time, T-elos went independent, leaving her home galaxy and appearing as a member of the Confederacy. A living weapon, T-elos is extremely heavily armed and is capable of engaging individuals or space battleships with equal facility, but she was built to combat the ghostly Gnosis - incorporeal beings from imaginary space. Her primary nonoffensive system, the Hilbert Effect, can force insubstantial beings to materialize so they can be attacked with military weaponry.Egotistical and highly aggressive, T-elos loves to fight and takes a twisted, almost sadistic pleasure in violence; unlike many androids, including her predecessor, she is sapient and rather strong-willed, and is capable of refusing orders. She has few morals, though she is loyal to her new organization. She also has a strange obsession with the older KP-X model and demonstrating her superiority over it. Unfortunately, T-elos lacks subtlety and tends to consider violence a first option rather than a last.










VESSEL: T-elos was created to be a vessel for the spirit of the person whose DNA she includes, the historical Animus - to absorb their essence and obtain their power. As a result, T-elos does not have a complete soul of her own. She has a partial, incomplete spirit designed to bind with the reincarnated soul that rests in KOS-MOS. She feels strangely hollow to people who can detect souls or spirits, and this is very obvious to people who can detect it. T-elos can't be resurrected or reincarnated by most methods in her current state, as her soul is too incomplete to be recovered after her death. Some extremely powerful methods (such as rewinding time to before her death) may be able to do so, but nothing else.

OBSESSED: T-elos' ultimate goal is to absorb the reincarnated spirit that rests in KOS-MOS, the KP-X battle android that came before her. Unfortunately, the spirit has not awoken, so she can't absorb it yet - but she thinks constantly about it. This gives her a twisted reason to protect her nemesis; KOS-MOS can't be killed before T-elos gets to absorb the spirit, and so she simultaneously wants to push KOS-MOS hard enough to awaken but make sure nothing permanently destroys her until she does it herself. She is extremely inflexible on this topic - one might say obsessed.

LIMITED EXPERIENCE: T-elos is an android built primarily for combat. She has access to information of all sorts, but she has limited actual experience with anything but fighting. Much of her knowledge is theoretical rather than practical and she simply doesn't have as much life experience as anyone who has lived a 'normal' life.

DESTROYER: T-elos enjoys hurting people and breaking things. Destroying things so that they can't be fixed - including people - gives her a rush. When it comes to killing, T-elos usually doesn't kill indiscriminately and almost never hunts civilians because it's not especially fun for her; her sadism is mostly directed at other combatants, but she tends to cause property damage, accidentally or not, when she's engaged in combat. She can lose herself in violence and destruction and sometimes seems uncomfortably intense about it.

OVERCONFIDENT: Though T-elos knows there are some people in the multiverse more powerful than her, and more Elites who are her equal, she is very aware that she is one of the most powerful beings in it. As a result, she is generally extremely self-assured to the point of overconfidence. She has a tendency to gloat when she can get away with it. She also has a tendency to mentally assure herself that her losses aren't personal failings. She doesn't take it to the point of insanity - she knows she can't do absolutely everything herself - but her overconfidence and pride can be used against her.


Title Date Scene Summary
Stopping By To Borrow A Cup Of Naaru November 12th, 2015 Lezard Valeth has his sights set upon a singular prize: A being of Light kept by the Draenei of Azeroth, a Naaru. To accomplish this goal, the Confederacy marshals its forces to strike at the Exodar...
WMAT C1 Setsuko Kaminagi vs T-elos September 17th, 2015 A battle android fights a demigod in the desert. The closest WMAT match yet! With commentary by Fiora.
WMAT CQ1 T-elos vs Sarah August 18th, 2015 A WMAT qualifiers match between a deadly android and a powerful Runebearer! What could go wrong?
WMAT 2015 Opening Ceremonies July 30th, 2015 Mister Satan and Mistress of Ceremonies Mizuki kick off the World Martial Arts Tournament with a special opening ceremonies event!
Rebel Crossfire May 21st, 2015 In a sudden spearhead against rebel efforts, the Galactic Empire has ordered both the Rogue Shadow's crew and their Confederate Allies to a remote outpost off the Hydian Way. Imperial Intelligence has determined that there are no resources or enemy intelligence of value contained within the facility, and so Confederate and Imperial orders are simple: Wipe the facility off the map...


Title Date Scene Summary
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  • The dash in 'T-elos' is silent, making it easy to say if annoying to spell.
  • TP-XX is pronounced 'TP Double X'.