Tales of Destiny-1R

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A thousand years ago, a comet crashed into the planet, Erth, sometimes written as Earth, and provided the people with incredible technology. They used this technology to create great cities in the sky, and a war erupted between the Aetherians, who dwelled in the sky, and the Erthers, who stayed on the surface. At the end of the Aeth'er Wars, the Erthers had won, sinking the flying cities. The stories are mostly forgotten now, and people live quiet lives on the surface. One day, Stahn Aileron, a farm boy of Lienea, sneaks onboard the Draconis to flee his quiet life and seek adventure. What he finds is the Swordian, Dymlos, a talking, sapient magical blade who chooses him to wield his power. Unsure where to go from there, Stahn begins adventuring, unaware of the events unfolding in the background, and the imminent return of the Aeth'er Wars.