Tales of Symphonia-2R

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Mithos comes from a time nearly 4000 years in the past from the period in which Lloyd's world exists. In it, the two super nations that dominate the world, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, are at war. Mithos, along with his companions Kratos, Yuan, and Martel, are journeying throughout the world in search of a way to bring their scarred world peace. The key difference that separates the reality this Mithos comes from from the original is that, at this point, his sister Martel has not been killed. Because this has yet to happen, Mithos hasn't been given reason to stray from his ideals of peace and unity. Instead of pursuing a future where everyone is the same as he does in the canon present, Mithos instead seeks a world in which all people can coexist in harmony, bearing their differences without shame. However, this does mean that he lacks many of the powers he would acquire far in his future.