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Rieze Maxia, a world of peace and coexistence between humans and spirits. No bigger than a small continent in size, it exists as a single landmass surrounded by seemingly endless seas and oceans. Divided between the kingdoms of Rashugal to the south, and Auj Oule to the north, the world has known relative peace since twenty years ago, when the last great war between the two kingdoms came to an abrupt end following a mysterious but devastating tsunami.

Humanity gets by through the use of Spirit Artes: by giving mana to spirits, they can access temporary boons and favors, allowing for civilization to be born from the cooperation of the two species. Thus, humans allow spirits to continue existing by supplying them with mana, and spirits allow them to fend off monsters, build cities and maintain them.

Technological levels are standard fantasy RPG fare, minus airships. Most battles are fought by knights in armor, though they can wield great Spirit Artes to quickly change battlefield conditions. Buildings range from simple villages to more modern houses and setups depending on location.

But peace is fleeting. Rashugal has been gathering power, evidently intent on finishing what it started twenty years ago. Meanwhile, the source of the tsunami still remains unknown, and the seasons have stopped shifting globally. Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits, set in motion his plan twenty years ago as well, incarnating himself as a human girl named Milla, in order to personally remedy whatever seems to be threatening humans and spirits alike.





Term Definition
Rieze Maxia The name of the world. Pronounced Reeza Maxia or Reezeh Maxia.
Rashugal The southern kingdom. Its capital is Fennmont, and its king is Nachtigal. It is a slightly more modern, military-oriented kingdom, praised for its grand academies and city life. The king is said to be a great man whose goal is peace by most who have met him.
Auj Oule The northern kingdom. Its capital is Kanbalar, and its king is Gaius. It is formerly a large cluster of separate tribes that used gladiatorial deathmatches to decide rulership under the king, whose population is skilled at taming and controlling monsters.
Spirit An elemental, invisible entity that accepts mana from humans to perform fancy things (combat moves, or just day to day things like building or warming a house). Fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, ice, light and dark spirits all exist (but not all have a Great Spirit).
Spirit Fossil A blue gemstone. The corpse of a spirit. The bigger the stone, the more powerful the spirit was.
Great Spirit The ruling spirit of an element. They are: Efreet (fire), Undine (water), Gnome (earth) and Sylph (wind). Celcius (ice) and Volt (lightning) are long since dead, and none are known to exist for light and darkness. Maxwell could be said to be the Great Spirit of spirits.
Mana Magical energy that humans generate and can give to spirits, who require it to live. Can also be used for combat.
Mana Lobe The region of the brain responsible for generating mana. Overstraining it can be dangerous, see lethal if forced.
Spirit Artes Techniques allowing humans to provide mana to spirits for specific effects.
Lilium Orb A small crystal that grows with experience and allows its user to use Spirit Artes better.
Spyrix A device (typically weaponry) that allows forcing a spirit to spend its mana for effects. Usually lethal for the spirit.
Booster Unknown.
Spyrite Unknown.
Spyrite Casing A black and gold cylinder roughly the size of a fist, containing a Spirit Fossil. It allowed manifesting a powerful spirit briefly.

The Plot So Far

  • Saturday May 3rd: Milla Maxwell, the human embodiment of the Lord of Spirits, Maxwell, was found by the Union (and some Confederates) inside a facility (marked FACILITY 1 on map) which made Spyrix. She was rescued from a small device capable of draining mana from all beings in the room to severe degrees. Though the facility was destroyed, it introduced responders to the threat the world faces. An unknown group is using Spyrix, a technology Maxwell wishes destroyed, to bind and force spirits to accomplish things, without humans having to spend any mana whatsoever. This could greatly upset the balance of the world and, one day, destroy it, if all spirits are killed. They are also experimenting with draining mana from human beings, but to what purpose isn't clear.
  • Wednesday May 14th: Two weeks later, another facility (FACILITY 2) was found. Once more, a truce was reached by Union, Confederate and Unaffiliated parties present to destroy the Spyrix technology. Inside, it was discovered that this group has been studying the compatibility of devices called Boosters with their Spyrix, and that a shipment of Boosters was sent to Auj Oule, while a shipment of Spyrix was sent to Rashugal. More mana draining technology was present, and was used by an officer to form a large, berserk monster made of spirits and mana, which had to be fought until the spirits could break free. The summoning process shot black lightning up the officer's arm, resulting in death. The facility was destroyed, and further answers could not be found. Those guards who survived and were captured refuse to talk, while most test subjects were rescued, and are just random kidnapped villagers.
  • Tuesday July 15th: Milla has found the location of a smaller facility (FACILITY 3), consisting in four spires, monitoring equipment and some barracks. The officer there used a black and gold object to summon Aska, the (lesser) Great Spirit of Light, to do his bidding, but Mir ultimately leveled the entire area. Though in the process any information that could have been gathered was destroyed, the group did recover the device, even if it appears useless in its current state.

World Map