Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki-1R

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Hundreds of years ago, the powerful Juraian Empire was brought to its knees by a terrifying attack from the demonic space pirate Ryoko Hakubi and her spaceship Ryo-Ohki. Never before or since has the galaxy-spanning empire faced such a terrible threat. Eventually, they were able to force her to the backwater planet of Earth and, at great cost, seal her away, stealing the gems that were the source of her power.

Then a boy named Tenchi let her out.

Since then, poor Tenchi's life has become a whirlwind of chaos which he struggles to control. His school was destroyed, his life turned upside down by Ryoko, by the Jurain Royal Family who search for answers, by the Galactic Police... and questions have even been raised about his own heritage, and where his heart truly lays.

But in truth, Ryoko was not the true threat to Jurai all those years ago. That was a man named Kagato - and he's still out there. Still seeking some way to achieve his dark ends. Where will his sights fall now?