Tenshi Hinanai

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Tenshi Hinanai (Scenesys ID: 477)
"A Tennyo descends onto Earth to give advice. Buuu~t... for me it's always advice that doesn't help anyone."
Full Name: Tenshi Hinanai
Gender: Female
Species: Tennyo
Theme: (FC) Touhou-1
Function: Brat of Bhava-Agra
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 14 Actual Age: 80
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 155cm Weight: 49kg
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: Catastrophe in Bhava-Agra ~ Wonderful Heaven Bhava-Agra as Seen Through a Child's Mind


There are many words to describe exactly what Tenshi is. Angel, Celestial, and Tennyo are the less colorful ones. A creature hailing from a version of Heaven called Bhava-Agra, she commands the power to manipulate earth and stone around her, creating sudden upthrusts of stone, manipulating sacred keystones as weapons, or even causing earthquakes. Tenshi also wields the fluid-bladed Sword of Hisou, a treasure of Heaven. As far as celestials go, however, she is neither wise nor filled with worldly advice. Rather, a spoiled life of having things handed to her has resulted in a bratty, prideful, self-centered girl with almost no social skills whatsoever. Easily bored and often trying to force others to entertain her, Tenshi descends from Bhava-Agra to cause disasters specifically so others will come forth and stop her. She's rarely invested in actual victory, so long as the game itself is interesting. Insults to her ability or her status as a Tennyo, however, will drive her to drop the façade in favor of punishing the offending individual, regardless of whatever plan she's involved in.









  • Earthly: Not in personality. As Tenshi's mystical power over earth requires there to be earth around her, she loses this ability in environments where there is no earth to manipulate--including stone, sand, or soil. In such situations, she becomes heavily restricted and can only rely on her sword and her physical qualities to fight. Terrestrial buildings don't count (concrete is a form of stone, after all), but spacecraft and other artificial environments far removed from the ground do. Tenshi also cannot manipulate purified metals, though raw ores have enough stone in them for her to play with.
  • Pride: Though she didn't achieve her status as a Tennyo by ordinary means, Tenshi is very proud of her station and of her abilities. Any insult directed at her ability will go a long way towards enraging her. As her anger builds, Tenshi's judgment slips and she starts to focus exclusively on the person doing the insulting, to the point of ignoring anyone else she fights. This can also make her a liability in any plans involving her, as she often drops everything to punish the offending party. Insults to Tenshi's pride are one reliable way to get her to drop whatever charade she has going on.
  • Reckless: Tenshi has no supportive or defensive magic. She relies on her supernatural toughness as a Tennyo to weather incoming attacks while assaulting her enemy with all the strength she has available. She may even take hits intentionally just to increase the drama of whatever story she's trying to play out. The overall result of this is that Tenshi's body tends to take more punishment than the average fighter's would. (Heal time +1 day, +2 if KOed)
  • Fair Weather: The weather effects created by Temperament Manifestation benefit everyone in the area, not just Tenshi. Depending on the nature of the person she uses this spell on, it may not give her an advantage at all. In certain cases, it may even give her a disadvantage. She has no real way of predicting what will happen the first time she uses the spell on someone and so using it can be a gamble.
  • Playtime: Everything Tenshi does as far as antagonizing others is done purely because she is bored and lonely. To that end, people showing up to stop her misdeeds are already accomplishing the goal of whatever plan she has. She doesn't particularly care, past that point, if she's victorious or not. In many cases, Tenshi may even lose on purpose if she thinks that'd be more exciting in the long run. Causing trouble for others, to Tenshi, is just a game.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Trip In The Forest February 26th, 2015 Psyber takes some of his employees to find and recruit a phoenix.
Daring Rescue February 3rd, 2015 A new world unifies, and its first Multiversal interaction involves a daring rescue! Except, more complicated.
Diamonds Are A Girls.. January 24th, 2015 Though the slums of Urbania is maybe not the best place to have a Jewelry store, some people do try to give some quality life to the broken down area of the big city. Just this one has attracted some heavenly attention.
Sacred Stone and Scarlet Perception November 7th, 2014 Raine took exception to Tenshi interrupting his dramatic introduction on the Confederate chatter band. He challenged her to a duel. This is the result.
Never Too Late For a Summer Festival September 17th, 2014 Who cares if it's September? Summer can last a little bit longer!

Sakurashin Town is hosting a late summer festival, complete with food stalls, classic carnival games, and fireworks at the end of the night! In a town populated by both humans and youkai, any visitors are welcome, though the mayor requests that everyone refrain from causing any trouble for the city. It's going to be a fun night! Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?

WMAT Exhibition Satan vs. Lute August 4th, 2014 It's another WMAT exhibition match! This time, it's Lute versus Mister Satan! OR IS IT?!
WMAT Battle Rondo Exhibition July 14th, 2014 Tora takes on Victoria in a special Battle Rondo/WMAT cross-promotional exhibition match!
CAT-4:Insurrector July 6th, 2014 Category-4 Kaiju 'Insurrector' launches an attack on Los Angeles. Striker Eureka and Union forces are sent to bring it down - however, Lute has other ideas!


Title Date Scene Summary
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Through the use of the spell card Temperament Manifestation, Tenshi can use a portion of a victim's spirit to manipulate the weather around them. The following is a rough table of what kinds of personality traits create what kinds of weather when used this way.

Weather Type Traits
Sunny Partly Cloudy Pleasant, Easygoing, Aloof
Drizzle Light Rainfall Boistrous, Friendly, Outgoing
Overcast Low Clouds Aloof, Secretive, Introverted
Clear Sky Cloudless Devoted, Stoic, Clear-Minded
Hail Falling Ice Cold, Distant, Dismissive
Haze Thin Misty Fog Introverted, Avoident, Quiet
Dense Fog Pea Soup Haughty, Proud, Arrogant
Snow Heavy Snowfall Playful, Innocent, Whimsical
Sunshower Rain Without Clouds Manipulative, Secretive, Mysterious
Sprinkle Swift Summer Rain Rough, Playful, Easygoing
Tempest Windstorm Energetic, Deceptive, Inquisitive
Vapor Knee-High Mist Mysterious, Quirky, Unreadable
Mist Low-Density Fog Lazy, Easygoing, Casual
Typhoon Fierce Storm Violent, Vengeful, Angry
Calm Clear With No Wind Controlled, Observant, Simple
Powder Powdery Cold Snow Empty-Headed, Excitable, Energetic
Sandstorm Wind And Dust Lazy, Devoted, Casual
Scorching Sun Unbearably Hot Violent, Short-Tempered, Simple
Monsoon Torrential Rain Prideful, Grounded, Power-Hungry
Aurora Northern Lights Caused by Tenshi